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Trigger Pull & Follow Through

One of the most important fundamentals is the trigger pull.

In a perfect world, you would have a rock solid grip and ignite the gunpowder by just thinking.  But of course, we have to deal with mechanical inputs and human reactions.

As a beginner shooter, you know there’s going to be a loud bang with some recoil.  So you will likely press the trigger fast to get everything over with, which adds some movement to the gun and barrel.

The bullet still takes some time to move down the barrel, and if the gun/barrel moves, your bullet will be off target.  So the trick is to cause as little movement to the gun as possible when you are pressing the trigger.

  • Use the middle of the first index finger pad
  • Remove the initial slack or “pre-travel” in the trigger
  • Slowly squeeze the trigger towards the back of the gun
  • “Follow through” by not immediately letting go of the trigger
  • “Reset” the trigger by easing it forward just enough to hear a *click*
  • Slowly squeeze for the next shot
Pretravel and Reset, USPSA
Pretravel and Reset, USPSA

Here’s a great short video tutorial.  These tips can be used for almost all guns, not just pistols.

Additional Learning

Want even more info on trigger control and other handgun fundamentals?  Check out our Gun Noob to Gun Slinger video course…specially created for beginners.


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