INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Surefire Steps to Help You Shoot Accurately

8 Surefire Steps to Shoot Accurately TItle
8 Surefire Steps to Shoot Accurately

Practice makes perfect – so here’s an infographic with visual instructions on how to practice shooting effectively at the range and at home in 8 easy steps!

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8 Steps on How to Shoot Accurately Infographic

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Eric — what software or service did you use to create your awesome infographic? It’s so awesome to have a lady in the images! Thank you! Is there a way I can contact you via email?


Step 4 shows thumb up on slide, if you fire with thumb in that position you could do a lot of damage to your hand (thumb), thumb should extend over the trigger guard so it is not in contact with slide.


Excuse me, step 6 not 4…


Love that you are showing women in your illustrations), thank you. My confidence continues to grow.


Great job on the diagnostic target! I’m trying to find some left-hand and right-hand diagnostics to actually use down range.. Downloaded your other targets over the weekend – improving with every pull.!

Frank Stephenson

Looks like you have a conflict between Step 1 and the third item of Step 2.