[Review] Guns.com: Buying a Used Gun

Buying a gun online can be challenging and intimidating, but there are ways of making it easier – such as starting off with a good retailer!

If you’re looking for used guns, and don’t want to deal with an auction site like GunBroker, then Guns.com might be who you’ve been looking for.

While their blog and news section has been around for a while, they have now started to buy and sell firearms online also!

Beretta from Guns.com
Beretta 390 and hard case from Guns.com

Spoiler alert: I like them, a lot.

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Who Is Guns.com?

Starting as a blog/news site, Guns.com has actually been around for a while now and has some really good content that you should take a look at.

But recently they underwent a huge change and have entered the business of selling firearms, much like Brownells, Grab-A-Gun, and others.

guns dot com logo
Also, I like the logo.

Guns.com sets themselves apart though by also offering used guns for sale and by buying guns from the average person – in fact, they go out of their way to make the selling process really easy and convenient. But more on that later.

Their prices for new guns are fair and normally a little under average for what you would expect online.

The used guns are almost always a good deal and are sometimes an AMAZING deal.

Buying A Firearm From Guns.com

Buying from Guns.com is much like most other online retailers of firearms. You find your gat, add it to cart, fill out your payment and such, pick an FFL, and then Guns.com takes care of the rest.

While some gun stores make you call your local FFL and have information sent over, Guns.com takes care of all of that for you.

Guns dot com prom
So far – they’ve lived up to it in my book.

Even if your preferred FFL isn’t listed on their site, you can shoot them a note letting them know who your FFL is and Guns.com’s people will do the rest.

My local FFL wasn’t in their system, but an email later Guns.com had everything taken care of for me.

Selling A Firearm To Guns.com

Most of us have sold a firearm or two, at least, in our day. But finding a buyer and safely selling your firearm isn’t always the most enjoyable of experiences.

Guns.com really goes out of their way to make selling a firearm as easy and simple as it can possibly be.

While you might not get as good of a price as you would if you sold via private sale locally, you will always get a decent price and you won’t have to deal with any added headaches or concern about who is buying your gun.

Guns.com process is simple and easy. Just fill out their form, get an offer, and if you accept it they’ll send you a box and pre-paid shipping label for you to use to mail in your firearm.

That is basically as easy as it gets AND you can do it from the comfort of your bathrobe while sitting at home!

Used Guns at Guns.com

Pawnshops and local gun stores often have some used guns kicking around for sale, but looking for used guns online that don’t involve using an auction site like GunBroker isn’t super common.

Guns.com’s used gun section is basically like having access to a massive LGS right at your fingertips – and the deals you can find are outstanding!

While I have a couple of gripes about their sorting functions and filters, those are being worked on and are really fairly minor issues.

My first gun from Guns.com was a really nice Beretta 390 Semi-auto shotgun.

Beretta 390
My new (to me) Beretta 390

I’m always a little worried about getting a used gun without inspecting it firsthand, but the price Guns.com had it for was great so I rolled the dice.

I’m glad I did because what I got has been great!

After a full disassembly and inspection, I literally found nothing wrong with it. It was exactly as described in the listing and, in my opinion, in better condition than they rated it.

Beretta chamber side
Shiny except for a bit of lube goo

A whole bunch of shotshells later, it has run flawlessly – exactly what I hoped for from a Beretta shotgun.

What’s In The Box?!?

I’ve said it before in other articles but I harshly judge brands by the box they send things in. Guns.com passed with flying colors!

Most new guns I’ve bought lately come in, at best, a cardboard box. And used guns coming in anything more than paper and plastic is almost unheard of.

Beretta from Guns.com
Everything seen here came from Guns.com, minus the Scho-Ka-Kola and Caldwell bags.

Guns.com doesn’t do that kind of amateur shipping though. My Beretta came in a decent foam-lined hard case overpacked within a cardboard box for protection.

Inside was a host of decent stuff and some cool swag like a beer cozy and stickers.


This shotgun and the other gun I bought from Guns.com were both in outstanding condition and were honestly better than what Guns.com had described them as.

I am overwhelmingly happy with that due not only to their honest assessment of their guns but also that they actually take the time to really inspect the firearms.

Beretta 390 target
Beretta 390 did a great job of feeding and eating every single type of load I threw in it!

Military Surplus

Guns.com also has a great selection of older rifles in their collection. I’ve seen some outstanding deals for everything from Mosin-Nagants to Mauser 98k rifles!

But this is where one of my gripes come in, they don’t have a dedicated “mil-surp” or “curio and relic” filter on their site.

If you know generally what you’re looking for, such as you know you’re in the market for a Carl Gustafs Mauser, then you can make do with their current filters.

Guns.com has a few Carl Gustav Swedish Mausers for a great price still!

They are actively adding new features and filters though so I suspect this will be addressed soon!

Prices range from amazing to okay, all of them are well worth a look and are often a good bit lower than what you’ll find on other sites. Guns.com has quickly become one of the sites that I weekly check for good deals on old rifles.

Customer Service

I didn’t have any major issues that I needed their CS help with, but I have reached out to them a few times for questions about firearms and to add my local FFL to their list.

Every time has been great. They got back to me quickly, answered my questions completely, and did everything they could to help out with what I needed – including sending extra pictures of rifle markings when I asked!

Thumbs up

One of the best customer services experiences I’ve had so far with firearms companies, and that really plays a huge role in why I keep going back to them.

Parting Shots

There are a lot of retailers for firearms out there – some of them are awesome, most of them are average.

Guns.com sets themselves apart from the pack with their used guns, ease of selling a gun to them, and outstanding support.

My experience with them has been simply outstanding and I plan on continuing to buy new and used guns from them!

Where do you get your used guns? How do you sell the ones you’re ready to part with? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking to feed your new gats – check out the Best Places To Buy Ammo Online!

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  • Unhappy Customer

    BUYER BEWARE. SHADY AND DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES, PLUS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I recently purchased a Remington 1100 shotgun from Guns.com only to discover that it was a left-handed gun. There was NO DISCLOSURE on their site that it was a left-handed gun. I only discovered it once I received it. I asked to exchange it for a right-handed Remington 1100 shotgun of equal or comparable value or return it for my money back. They would not do either and told me that there was nothing they could do for me since I took possession of the gun. So now I am stuck with a gun that I cannot use. I feel I have been defrauded and will NEVER DO BUSINESS with Guns.com again.

    1 week ago
  • Sage Nighthawk

    A couple of weeks ago I found a Glock 20 that was New on gun.com, I placed an Order for it and while I was lining up my FFL Dealer gun.com took down the gun that I ordered and put it back on the market for over $200.00 MORE! If you don't think this was a "bait & switch" then go ahead & buy from them but I consider them to be nothing but crooks. Good Luck

    2 weeks ago
  • Scott C.

    Wow, just looked at the used gun prices. $1200 for a USED Beretta M9a3? $1100 for a USED Springfield Saint (non free floated model)? I’ve bought these exact models BRAND NEW for HUNDREDS less! Who do these guys think they are, Cheaper Than Dirt?

    3 months ago
  • Forrest Halford

    These guys are SLOOOOWWWW on second week here and they have not been able to get the gun to FEDEX even though they gave me a tracking number right away....and of course took my money right away. Chip is not very polite either. Will not let you speak to a higher up and claims to be the manager. Will never do business with again.

    1 year ago
  • Paul D

    Guns.com is the same as a pawn shop. They offer very little money to buy a gun from you and then sell it for a large profit, Twice I made an offer on a used gun and received no answer .

    1 year ago
    • Jeff Tesch

      Paul, can you contact me and let me know what firearm you are trying to sell us? Like any dealer that buys used firearms sometimes we pass based on current inventory levels or current demand. Jeff Tesch, Director of Business Development, [email protected]

      1 year ago
  • Albert

    PRICEY.....Gunbroker.com is much better.

    1 year ago
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