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Guns of Pop Culture: “Extraction” & the BCM CQB 11

We take a look at the action-packed film, "Extraction" to analyze the BCM CQB 11 used by Chris Hemsworth as he takes to the streets of Bangladesh.

    The Netflix film Extraction was a bit of a surprise for me. It’s a fun action flick starring Chris Hemsworth fighting his way through Bangladesh to rescue the son of an incarcerated crime lord. 

    Extraction poster

    It’s based on a graphic novel and is an all-out action flick directed by a stunt coordinator named Sam Hargrave.

    Hargrave went to the John Wick school of action films and relied on the fast-paced, easy-to-see, intense action. 

    On top of that, he learned a thing or two about picking the right guns for the job. So, today, we’re going to take a look at the film and one of its standout firearms.

    Table of Contents


    The Rifle 

    Tyler Rake, former SASR commando, wields a BCM CQB 11 KMR A-10 rifle.

    The CQB 11 — made by BCM — uses an 11.5-inch barrel and sports a 10-inch Keymod Alpha handguard

    BCM CQB 11
    BCM CQB 11

    BCM makes very modern weapons and high-quality AR-15s. It’s a perfectly acceptable weapon for an elite soldier like Rake.

    The CQB 11 lives up to its name and works well for the close quarter’s environment in the tightly packed city of Bangladesh. 

    Extraction BTS
    A behind-the-scenes shot of Hemsworth with the BCM CQB 11

    BCM’s CQB 11 measures a total length of 31 with the stock extended while weighing a mere 5.7 pounds.

    For comparison, an MP5 weighs 6.8 pounds. The CQB 11 packs a hefty punch for its small size. It wouldn’t be a great rifle for general infantry use with the short barrel and limited range. 

    Rake’s CQB 11 is not only a thoroughly modern rifle but is also equipped with very modern equipment. The CQB 11 wears an EOTech EXPS2 or EXPS3 backed by a G33 magnifier.

    EOTech EXPS2-0, Buttons
    EOTech EXPS2-0

    Most special op weapons made for CQB prefer the EOTech over other optics, and a magnifier just makes it even more efficient. 

    Additionally, a Steiner Offset laser tops the rifle off. 

    at Optics Planet

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    We also have what appears to be BCM backup sights and a BCM Gunfighter foregrip alongside Keymod rubberized inserts.

    PMAGs are the magazine of choice, which makes perfect sense since they are the number one magazine choice of armed professionals. 

    PMAGs Gen 2 Vs Gen 3 (4)
    Our own PMAGs

    At the tip of the barrel sits an AAC M42000 suppressor. These are rock-solid suppressors that not only do a great job reducing noise but are also tough as hell. 

    A suppressor might add length, but it also makes the weapon more controllable and a lot more comfortable when used indoors or in the tight city streets of Bangladesh.

    The entire rifle setup is very professional and modern. All it seems to be lacking is a weapon light.

    Extraction BCM CQB 11 2
    A better look at the suppressor

    In the Movie 

    Remember, the director meant to the film school of John Wick, and the action reflects that.

    This means ol’ Thor dropped the hammer and picked up the rifle before filming started. Hemsworth learned how to rock and roll with a rifle…and it shows. 

    He aims, reloads, fires accurately, and controls his weapon well.

    It’s the little things that make a difference. Like how he maintains a firing position while he uses his radio — not to mention his outstanding trigger discipline. 

    U.S. Army Special Operations veteran Craig ‘Chilli’ Palmer trained Hemsworth (and his enemy and eventual friend Randeep Hooda) on weapons, weapon handling, and more. The results are evident — the handling looks pretty realistic.

    Final Thoughts

    Extraction won’t be a film that gets remembered by the Academy, but it’s a damn good action flick. The combat is intense, action is solid, and that 12-minute one-shot look-alike scene is brilliant. 

    For gun nerds like me, the guns and gun handling were awesome to see.

    Maybe we need an Academy of Badass movies. If we did, Extraction would certainly win some awards. 

    What do you think? Is Cowboy Bebop for you? Let us know in the comments below. For more Guns of Pop Culture, check out last week’s look into Cowboy Bebop & the Jericho 941 R.

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    2 Leave a Reply

    • Commenter Avatar
      Sua Sponte

      Absolutely a favorite, up there with Wick for me. Spot on with the employment of guns in this one and the handling is to a T. Pretty sure I've watched this at least once every two months since it came out. Action flicks are great, but they're greater if there is realism.

      July 13, 2022 6:20 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Special K

      Hands-down, the BCM Recce-11 KMR-A is the gold standard of civilian market CQB.
      DD MK18's are overpriced and don't run as smooth.
      BCM is God's gift to America...
      and God loves himself some 'Merica.

      July 13, 2022 3:22 pm
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