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Taurus 627 Revolver Review


You may remember that I reviewed the Smith & Wesson 686.

In that review, I discovered that I don’t, in fact, hate revolvers.

Who knew?

Anyway, tragedy of tragedies: I had to give the 686 back to my friend.  Pro tip: buy the gun from a person BEFORE you publish a glowing review of it.  So there I was revolverless and in need of a revolver.

Taurus Time

Now, I’ll admit that there are a disproportionate number of Taurus gun reviews on this site but I assure you they’re not a sponsor.  With this being a beginner focused site, Taurus and their low prices tend to be most people’s first gun.

It also means that, since I have a wife that I’m putting through college, it’s easier for me to afford a Taurus in cases like this where I’m reviewing a gun I actually own as opposed to a borrowed, rented or T&E gun.

So yeah, I got a Taurus 627.

Truth be told, now that I’ve shot this gun, I’m glad I got this over the Smith & Wesson.  A little warning: there’s going to be a lot of comparisons between this gun and the S&W.

Feature wise, the Taurus has a lot more going for it.

I like the grip of the Taurus better, for starters.  My fingers never truly fit right on the S&W’s grip and, had I bought it from the friend, the first thing I would have done would be to put a different grip on it.

Secondly, I like the longer barrel of the Taurus.  The longer sight radius really makes for great accuracy.  It also holds seven rounds as opposed to the S&W’s six.  Like the S&W, the Taurus 627 also has adjustable rear sights which did require a bit of adjusting right out of the box.

Finally, we come to the porting on the barrel.


In a normal barrel, the gasses that propel the bullet will escape from the end of the barrel once the bullet leaves.  That sudden pop of pressure contributes greatly to the muzzle flip of the gun and increases that dreaded “felt recoil”.

By drilling a bunch of upward pointing holes on the end of the gun, most of the gasses escape in that upward direction before the bullet leaves the barrel.  This pretty much removes the muzzle flip caused by those gasses and actually works to counteract the recoil caused by the natural physics of the gun firing in the first place.  This was the first gun I’ve ever fired that had a ported barrel and let me tell you: it has spoiled me.

The difference was amazing!

While the weight of this gun had a bit to do with it, the combination of that and the ported barrel meant that .38 special rounds had, at least to me, less recoil than the .380 SIG P238 that Mrs. Noob was shooting in the next lane over.

The recoil was so light that, after the first shot, I actually unloaded the remaining 6 rounds to check for a squib because I could have sworn it was a bad cartridge.

Nope, the recoil was just that light.

Like a little kid, I excitedly called the wife over saying “SWEETY! YOU GOTTA TRY THIS YOU GOTTA TRY THIS YOU GOTTA TRY THIS!!!!” all the while bouncing up and down like a hyperactive terrier.  With an air of skepticism (and slight annoyance by my excited nature), she gave it a try.  After firing the first round, the look of shock on her face was priceless!  She immediately looked at the gun and said a phrase I can’t repeat here due to the PG-13 nature of the site but it rhymed with “Foley Spit”.  After that, I had trouble getting the gun back from her so that I could finish the testing.

Taurus 627
Taurus 627

As light as the recoil was with .38 special, I was expecting the .357 magnum to be light as well.

To the gun’s credit, it didn’t have much in the way of muzzle flip.  Wooo boy the recoil was still there, though.  The weird thing was, I felt almost all of it in my shoulders.  I can honestly say I’ve never shot a gun that felt like this before.  I really want to try a ported semi-auto pistol to see if it has similar characteristics!

In the review, I spent a bit of time waxing poetic about the trigger on the S&W as well.

I’m happy to report that the trigger on the Taurus is also a great trigger.  In single action, the trigger feels a bit heavier than the the S&W’s trigger did.  This is a good thing as it’s harder to accidentally fire the Taurus 627 when it’s in single action mode.  There isn’t any grittiness or sponginess in the 627’s trigger pull.

My only complaint is that there seems to be a false reset point a little bit before the actual reset.  In times of rapid fire, this could throw off a shooter so be aware of it.

I can’t think of a clever segue to go here so let’s just get to the tests.

Ease to Breakdown

Revolver.  No breakdown. 5 out of 5

5 out of 5 Dunce Hats



Under normal circumstances, this is an automatic 5 out of 5 but, those holes in the barrel become a bit of a double edged sword.

They do truly help recoil but they are a pain to clean.

They do need to be cleaned also because the carbon from all that cheap ammo collects in there pretty bad.  As much as I love those things, it does add some extra difficulty in cleaning.  Combine that with the fact that there aren’t many tools readily available to dig into those things (I had to use a dental scraper), the 627 gets a 4.5 out of 5 for maintenance.


Revolver and reliable both start with R.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5 Dunce Hats



No external safety.  It has a heavier trigger pull which makes it harder to accidentally shoot.

It has an integrated lock that renders the gun unusable (just like all Taurus guns).  It also has what is called a “transfer bar” meaning that the hammer doesn’t actually strike the firing pin directly.  There’s a bar that is raised up between the hammer and pin only when the trigger is pulled which also helps against accidental shooting.

By those powers combined, the 627 is probably the most inherently safe revolver I’ve ever tested. 4 out of 5

Poor Technique

Just like every revolver, you really have to watch your hand placement or your thumb will suffer.  Not much else to say on that at this point. 3 out of 5

Starter kit

You get a cardboard box, a couple of spare keys, a manual and a warranty card.

This is always Taurus’s weak point.  In order to keep the costs down, sacrifices have to be made somewhere.  It’s either drop the quality of the gun or cut the toys in the box.  Still, the category is what it is. 1 out of 5.  A plastic case would have bumped it up to at least a 2.



Like any revolver, there isn’t much room for upgrading.

The nice thing is, there’s lots of options available for those things that can be upgraded.  There’s no shortage of grip options and I’ve found some interesting trigger upgrades.  Taurus also sells a scope mount that can be clamped on to the gun which has the potential to add some interesting toys.  All in all, I’m not disappointed at the selection available.

5 out of 5
5 out of 5 Dunce Hats

Final Word

If you’re looking for a revolver to kick off your collection, you really can’t go wrong here.

It’s super accurate to shoot.  The recoil won’t scare off noobs and makes it easy to shoot this all day long.  The price is right.  It even looks cool, which is a bonus.

The Taurus 627 gets a solid 4 out of 5.

Although I will say this: I’m probably not going to do too many more revolver reviews.  They’re fun guns and all but, with the exception of one or two nuances on occasion (i.e. trigger and such), they’re just not unique enough in their function to make for an interesting review.

Now, that is actually a plus in the revolver column, if you think about it.  If every revolver behaves almost exactly the same, it makes it far easier to just pick up a revolver and go.  Great for shooters, bad for reviewers.  There’s only so many times I can type “It’s a revolver.  You don’t have to worry about _____”.


Posted @ 3/5/2014 11:11 AM by Kendal Black

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Heh, heh. You’re hooked now. Welcome to the round side of the force.

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13 Leave a Reply

  • Copedipper59

    Just ordered the Taurus 627 can’t wait until my FFL calls.

    December 5, 2019 10:25 pm
  • Rogal

    Very nice review! Just bought one at our local pawn, used VGC for $275!!! Soon as the freakin rain stops pouring I'm out to the range!!

    November 26, 2018 12:40 pm
  • Mr. WOLF

    I freakin love my 4 inch 7 shot 627 TAURUS TRACKER. Ive shot thr 686 and its absoultely up there w it. Only thing i noticed is mine is the 4 1nch. Yours must be a 6, ir 8 as mine has the porting but not the ribs on top of the barrel. I love carrying this gun in the woods and feel oh so safe w it on my nightstand but for concealed carry it can be difficult. It can be done but the rear site digs into my stomach when Mexican Carrying in the front in the seated positiin.Taurus really outdid there selves on this. Im am not a newbie. Ive been shooting handguns all my life. So much so that im not brand bias like most beginners or intermediately newer middle gun owners.. If that makes sense. I shoot what works. I sold my Glock 19,s and bought a Canik TP9SA recently. Its also a fanominal buy. Not to mention its around 400. Sometimes less. As far as Taurus semis???? I cant claim to know awhole lot except they have made some mistakes in that area of semi autos but seem to be improving w the pt111 and the 709 Slim i bought those as gift for a couple.family members that are oddballs and dont shoot much like the rest of us. I am confident they will stand up to moderate to slightly high use but i like to push my weapon. Thats why i love revolvers and especially a hi cap revolver, 7, or 8 shot. Capacity is the only real downfall of a revolver. Thats why i chose this, u get an extra round and speed loaders help alot. No matter though, 7 should be more than enough if u train. Im willing to bet a semi will jam and get me killed b4 i fire all 7 shots and still got threats coming and get smoked reloading w my speedloader. Not to mentiin 357magnum is COMBAT CALIBER KING of the one hitter quitters. Its true, look it up. Sorry 4 the ramble but my adderal just peaked i took b4 my studies. PS Try Hornady critical duty for 2 leg predators, Buffalo Bore 4 all 4 leg. My friend and i killed a LARGE black bear w one round in its tracks. The 357 magnum has claimed every dangerous game animal in North America. But honestly nose to nose w a Grizzly i would want at least a 44 magnum or Smith 500 idealy if ur fool enough to use a handgun

    August 13, 2018 9:34 am
  • William Elliott

    I have owned the 6.5" titanium model chambered for 357 for around 14 years. I intend to always keep it. I have carried it a lot more than I have fired it. I find the recoil to be direct and satisfying. I just ordered a Hogue grip for it. I never cared for the "ribber" or whatever they call that spongy grip.

    November 11, 2017 4:23 pm
  • Shootest

    Now I have 3 trackers, that's how well I think of them. My first was a 22 mag nine shot that will drive tacks as long as it's fed, wow I was impressed. The finish quality was not to my liking the black coating has smudges on the barrel but I learned to live with it, so I will not recommend it in the black finish. The overall operation and functionality is great. After the 22 mag I purchased a 357 and a 44 mag but this time I got them both in stainless steel and I was not to disappointed with the finish however it could have been better. Considering quality I think it's a lot of bang for the buck, go and get one or in my case three.

    July 8, 2017 3:19 am
    • Mr. WOLF

      I also have the stainless. And your correct. Its better than black but still no prom queen. That is one of the sacrifices Taurus makes to kerp price down. And honestly i would rather them skim on finish than any other area. Not to mention its so common and easy to dip your guns nowdays. The thing i hate onthe finish is the rear site tarnishes and u have to kerp a little film of gun oil on it as much as possible. But aside from that my only problem is i love it do much i dont wanna use anything else as a nightstand gun. Even my Canik TP9 SA w a 19 shot 9mm capacity. The Canik has basically dethroned Glock but is still relatively new on the market. But as trustworthy as it is and knowing u got 19 rounds on tap.... Theres something in me that still would rather gave 7 357magnums. U oftrn hear of perps shrugging off several 9mm or semis thought reliable jamming if gripped improper during stress. The Revolver is as close to 100% reliable as it gets. And the 357magnum has a solid reputation as a Grave Digger that only takes on kiss to do the job

      August 13, 2018 9:50 am
  • moto

    I love my tracker, its the most accurate handgun you will ever shoot. My only concern is long term longevity by putting thousands of rounds through the compact frame. The porting helps with recoil and stress on the gun, but my concern is still there with that aspect. However, doesn't mean I won't keep it for home defense, small game hunting or just some fun target practice. Accuracy is best I've seen.

    March 14, 2017 8:35 pm
    • Mr. WOLF

      Moto u can save wear and tear by shooting/practicing w mainly 38,s. And the occasional cylinder full of magnums just so u dont forget there is a difference. When loaded on the nightstand or out snd about i advise keeping thosehard hitting, hollow point, 125 grain pills loaded in it. W a speedloader for good measure. Check out Paul Harrell on You Tube. Hes my Yoda

      August 13, 2018 10:04 am
  • Mr Wolf

    Have one and I love it. My Glock 19 is no longer w us because of how awesome my Tracker is. 357 magnum is the combat caliber King. That coupled w the facts that I have purchased a couple speed loaders for it. Plus the fact it holds 7 instead of 5 or 6 make me where I feel totally prepared to take on a break in, car jacking. Or any other self defense scenario. Some people look down their nose at Taurus. All I can say is..... Your loss

    October 13, 2016 10:11 am
    • ehung

      Thanks for letting our readers know about your experience, Mr. Wolf!

      October 15, 2016 8:24 pm
    • Mr. WOLF

      Mr Wolf back a year later and still loving my Tracker. Ive sold and traded many... well a couple AR15,s, a riot shotgun, Remington 700 in 30/06 but my Tracker remains by my side. I have been offered almost double what i paid. Full retail new and over half that price again and i did not part w it. I cant lie though if a deal is to be had where i can be owner of a 4 to 8 inch Colt Python... Its gone lol. Python was my cop fathers first duty weapon in the late 70,s or early 80,s and should hsve been my birth right but wss traded for $100 and a garden tiller. Man that hurts me just to type it

      August 13, 2018 9:57 am
    • Rick grayson

      Taurus had some issues in the past but is now making some of the best guns you can get.i absolutely love my tracker 4 inch .357.it is an awesome revolver.the matte finish is not to keep the cost down but to reduce glare.taurus has given a lot of thought to make their guns shooter friendly.i have a couple 9 mms and a colt king cobra. The tracker is my favorite.keep it with me 24/7.

      April 20, 2021 8:09 am
  • Kendal Black

    Heh, heh. You're hooked now. Welcome to the round side of the force.

    March 5, 2014 4:11 pm