To Stipple or Not to Stipple?

To stipple or not to stipple…that is the question.  We’ll go over the main advantages and considerations you need to consider before putting your gun under the soldering iron.

Stippled G17 and G34
Stippled G17 and G34

Why Stipple?

The main reason I wanted to stipple my Glocks was to get more traction.  More traction = better grip = better shooting.  My hands get pretty sweaty when just shooting at the range, and I really felt the loss of grip the few times I’ve shot in the rain.  You’ll hear some people say (and I hope to never experience it firsthand) that blood is also very slippery…

I also dislike the finger grooves since my fingers end up in the middle of them, and have always wanted to grind them off with my trusty Dremel, but knew I didn’t want to stare at the results.  Stippling lets you cover up any other changes you’ve done to the gun.

G34 Extra Rough Stippling
G34 Extra Rough Stippling


The main considerations boil down to that stippling is a permanent modification.  Your resale value is going to plummet, you’ll probably lose warranty, and if you mess up with an unsteady hand, your Glock will look (even more) terrible.

And again, maybe it’s just me, but I find a good amount of dead skin gets stuck in the stippling which makes it kind of gross.  Nothing a little elbow grease and an old toothbrush can’t fix, but still…


I still love stippling.  I tried the other options such as skateboard tape and even the custom grip tapes, but stippling is in a league of its own.  I think it has to do with making the grip even beefier/thicker than it already is.  People who try out my gun are 50/50 whether or not they like it.  My best advice is to try out other options, then try out someone’s stippled gun before diving in.

And if you’re ready, here is our stippling guide.

Grip Tape Glock
Grip Tape Glock

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