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PAP M92 Disassembly, Cleaning, & Assembly

The PAP M92 is a pistol variant of the AK-47 series of rifles.  But like its big brother, it can take almost anything and keep on going.  We’ll teach you how to keep it in tip top shape with disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly.

PAP M92 Single Point Sling
PAP M92 Single Point Sling

But, if you’ve never cleaned a gun before or just want a quick general overview, check out How to Clean and Lubricate a Gun.  Otherwise, dealing with the M92 is extremely similar to other AK rifles.  The only major difference is that the dust cover is hinged.

We recommend the following tools for cleaning all guns:

Here’s a great video of how to do the actual field strip:

If you’ve been shooting corrosive ammo, we recommend following our supplemental guide How to Clean Corrosive Ammo.  It boils down to adding hot water to get rid of the residual salts that can attract water and lead to rust.

Cleaning Corrosive AK Ammo with Hot Water
Cleaning Corrosive AK Ammo with Hot Water

Here’s a picture of our PAP M92 field stripped and cleaned.

Cleaning PAP M92
Cleaning PAP M92

If you haven’t cleaned the actual bolt in a while, here’s a great video of how to disassemble it.  It’s a little annoying but is pretty cool to see how everything fits.

And…that’s about it.  Remember, it’s an AK!  Let Hickok45 remind you that you don’t need to do much to care for one.

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  • TFT

    Eric- I love my M92...one of my best gun purchases. How about a write-up on what you have done with yours, and maybe anything you wish you had none differently. Thanks!

    March 30, 2017 10:10 am
    • Eric Hung

      Great idea...I'll put that in the queue.

      April 5, 2017 4:34 pm