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New Product Highlight: Maven S1.2 Spotting Scope

Maven's new S1.2 spotting scope takes aim at both hunters and long range precision shooters with a fixed-power 30x reticle eyepiece in MOA or MRAD.
We review products independently. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission to help support our testing. Learn more.

    Maven has been picking up steam in the optics business thanks to its direct-to-consumer approach that lets you buy straight from the factory with no retail markup.

    One thing that’s been holding the company back is a lineup of spotting scopes that’s great for hunters but missing one key piece for precision shooters. That’s no longer an issue.

    Maven S1.2

    The new Maven S1.2 spotting scope is now available with a fixed-power 30x reticle eyepiece in MOA or MRAD. You can finally measure what you see – whether it’s a game animal’s proximity to a key piece of terrain or the margin of error on a missed shot – with the same precision that’s visible on your rifle’s reticle.


    The reticle eyepieces and 25-50x zoom eyepiece mate with an updated scope that boasts the very best materials and technology Maven has to offer. Maven’s S1.2 gets fluorite glass for optimal clarity, light transmission, and color, all from edge to edge. Lenses are fully multi-coated, phase correction coated, and fogproof. The aluminum scope tube is purged with nitrogen gas.

    Maven S1.2 Specs & Features


    25-50x (fixed 30x with reticle)
    Objective Lens Diameter
    80 mm
    Field of View
    1.6-2.2 degrees
    Eye Relief
    17-18 mm
    Minimum Focus
    5 m
    60.5-65.1 oz


    The S-line includes Maven’s top-shelf optics
    30x eyepiece with an MOA or MRAD reticle
    Fully multi-coated lenses and phase correction

    It’s a burly setup; if you manage to break it, Maven has your back with an equally confidence-inspiring warranty.

    The S1.2 is available in angled (S1.2A) and straight (S1.2S) configurations.

    “Offering further customization by introducing interchangeable eyepieces into our full-size and mid-size spotting scopes allows each user to personalize the optic to meet their changing needs,” Brendon Weaver, Maven’s co-founder and head of design and marketing, said.

    at Maven

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    Maven lists an MSRP of $2,000 for the S1.2 spotting scope with a reticle eyepiece. The same scope costs $2,200 with a 25-50x zoom eyepiece.

    If you feel like you bought too soon…fear not. Maven just announced reticle eyepieces for S.3 spotting scopes. Take your pick from 24x eyepieces in MOA or MRAD for $500 (when available).

    Maven also launched its online ballistic calculator powered by Applied Ballistics to help you get the most out of your rifle and optics. Just remember always validate your data.

    What do you think of the new Maven S1.2? Let us know below. For a more affordable spotting scope, check out our hands-on review of the Maven S.3.

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