How to Install & Tune the JP Silent Captured Spring with Pictures

The JP Silent Captured Spring is one of the best upgrades you can make to your AR-15 platform after a trigger.

It eliminates the springy sound of the regular buffer tube assembly and drastically reduces recoil and sight movement.

When you couple it with a light BCG and a tuned gas block, it can make your rifle 3-gun competition ready, but make sure to get it with the extra springs for extra customization.

Tools Needed

Installing the JP Silent Captured Spring

Make sure your rifle is unloaded and take apart the upper from the lower.  We’ll only need the lower for this mod.

Remove Stock Spring and Buffer
Remove Stock Spring and Buffer

Remove the stock spring and buffer by pressing down on the buffer retainer with something.

Pull Out Buffer
Pull Out Buffer

The buffer will jump out a little before one of the coils of the spring gets stuck on the buffer retainer.  But still, watch out.

Slide in JP Silent Captured Spring
Slide in JP Silent Captured Spring

Slide in the JP like shown above.

Metal Side Out
Metal Side Out

It should retain nicely.  Shake it around and see if there’s in/out movement.  I found that I had some so I put in one quarter like in their instructions.  The rattle went away and everything runs smoothly.  The kit also comes with a white plastic block if you’re using a rifle length buffer tube instead of the carbine shown.

How to Tune the JP Captured Spring

Coming soon!

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Any update on the buffer spring tuning?

I am about to build a 8.3 in barrel .300 blk AR with this spring, a lightweight titanium BCG, and the SA adjustable gas block.

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