[Review] Hiperfire Trigger: Best Single Stage AR-15 Trigger

“Bro…are you shooting full-auto?”

That’s what someone asked my (far-better-shooting) friend after a competition rifle stage.

His secret?

The Hiperfire trigger I let him borrow.

AR-15 Lower Upgrades
AR-15 Lower Upgrades

Now, a trigger can’t make you seem like you’re shooting full-auto all on its own, but it’s the easiest upgrade to beef up your accuracy and trigger pull speed.

It’s really amazing what a super-light trigger without creep can do!

I’ve tried a bunch of triggers before and the Hiperfire is one of my favorites.

Read on to find out why!

Difference of Hiperfire Triggers

Lighter Trigger Pull & Heavier Hammer Stroke

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the extra set of springs at the top.

Completed Hiperfire Install, Correct Post Orientation
Completed Hiperfire Install

It does something through engineering magic that gives you a lighter trigger pull and a heavier hammer stroke.

So who cares?

Well, a light trigger pull makes it easier to minimize shot-altering movement.  And a heavy hammer stroke increases firing reliability by making sure the hammer has enough oomph to ignite harder primers.

What about other triggers?

For all the other trigger upgrades (check them out in my AR-15 Upgrades article), there’s a trade-off between the two.  To get a lighter trigger pull, you usually end up with a lighter hammer strike.

Most of the time everything will function fine, but once in a while you might get the light primer strike *click* of sadness.

Adjustable Trigger Pull Weight

Hiperfire Eclipse Trigger
Hiperfire Eclipse Trigger

Here’s the parts for the highest end trigger…the Hiperfire Eclipse.  The other triggers also have the three sets of springs you see at the top left.

These allow you to adjust the trigger pull and hammer fall strength.

Oddly…the lighter the trigger pull you choose, the harder the hammer will fall.

I of course tried all three springs and found them to give me 2.5 lbs, 3.1 lbs, and 3.5 lbs.  I stayed with the lightest 2.5lb trigger.  It’s a happy/sad feeling that my custom 1911 no longer has the best trigger in my collection.

Hiperfire Eclipse 2.5 lb Trigger Pull
Hiperfire Eclipse 2.5 lb Trigger Pull

Single Stage & No Creep

Personal preference here but I’m a convert from thinking “you might as well get a two-stage trigger since when you pull it quickly, it essentially becomes a single stage.”

After a couple rifle competitions I realized that I was wasting a lot of time trying to take up the slack of the first stage so I could utilize the second stage of the trigger.

With a nice single stage trigger that has almost no perceptible creep (that gritty initial take-up), I can just focus on pulling the trigger once when the target is in my sights.


Two primary negatives…install and price.

I thought the install would be terrible because of all the parts that spilled out of the bag.  But really, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Although still more annoying than a regular trigger or a drop-in.

No pain no gain!

And, I cover how to do it step-by-step in my Hiperfire Install Guide.

Pop In Using a Punch
Pop In Using a Punch

Ok, the price…it’s not cheap at $200 for the 3G (now Reflex) and $250 for the Eclipse models.

But entirely within the range of big boys (Geissele & Timney) especially when you take into account the reliability factor of a heavier dropping hammer.

Trigger Models

There’s a couple of models at Hiperfire.  They have some more basic ones that look like normal triggers without the extra springs.  I haven’t tried those out yet.

And they keep changing up the names…I can’t keep up!

The more “basic” is the Genesis which has some creep in the initial pull and hammer reset.  As you go up in price you see the creep lowers.

The Eclipse and the Competition also feature a flat trigger and an optional “Hipershoe.”

Align Pinhole and Insert Pin
Flat Trigger of Eclipse

I’ll be honest, I thought the Hipershoe was some dumb piece of plastic until I tried it.


I installed it by taking off my trigger guard, but for those who have an integral one…you’re going to have to take out the whole trigger.


Once you have it adjusted to have a good placement of your trigger finger, it seems to draw it in for consistent placement every time.

Hiperfire Eclipse with Hipershoe
Hiperfire Eclipse with Hipershoe

So if you’re deciding between the models…get the one with the Hipershoe such as the 24C ($235) or the Eclipse ($275).

The 3G (now Reflex) model seems to be the curved trigger version of the Competition and the Eclipse is coated with nickel alloy that should give it some smoother features.  I only found it ever so slightly smoother…so I’m not sure that it’s worth that extra $40.

Current Experience

So what do I think after about 8 competitions with the Reflex and Eclipse models?  I love them and will continue to use them.

They’ll shoot as fast as I can pull the trigger.  The imperceptible creep, light trigger pull, and great reset also make shooting the farther distances a breeze.  The heavier falling hammer also took care of my hard Tula primer reloads.

Tons of people have come up asking to dry-fire that cool looking trigger.

One thing in common with their reactions?

They all began with some four letter words I can’t print here.


TTAG also loves their Hiperfire trigger and one thing they can add to the review is that even with the tons of carbon that builds up with a short barrel…the Hiperfire worked fine while the Geissele failed.

Below is at 500 rounds with the Hiperfire while the Geissele failed at 100 rounds.

Hiperfire Carbon Buildup, TTAG
Hiperfire Carbon Buildup, TTAG

So what are you waiting for?

Get one!

Or find someone who has one already just so you can experience it and then immediately order online.

Want to see our full-blown AR-15 trigger round-up?  Check out Best AR-15 Triggers where I show you how each one breaks…plus split times!

Tested AR-15 Triggers
Tested AR-15 Triggers

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15 Leave a Reply


    I just purchased a Hiperfire/Hipertouch LPK and it was a real mess. Hard to install...! Plus, it would not even function properly after completed install..! The two TOGGLE SPRING & PIVOT are HELL too install...! Had parts flying left and right...! I called their customer service department and explained my issues...! I was told, that I was the PROBLEM and not their product? Even took it too a local gunsmith and he could NOT make it function correctly..! For $200.00 it should be a DREAM come TRUE and not a NIGHTMARE....!

    1 year ago
    • Bryan J Davis

      I have several of them and always a breeze to put in, just one extra step from a mil-spec type!! Best triggers ever IMHO!!

      1 month ago
    • Travis

      I literally had the opposite experience you did. I followed the instructions that were included and the trigger went in my gun without issue. On the range it performed like a dream come true.

      1 month ago
  • Charlie Parker

    Picked up a 243G on sale for $149.95!! Set it up for 2.5 lb pull. (verified with trigger gauge). Spent 15 minutes dry firing and getting the feel for the pull and reset. WOW> Much better set-up than my Stag two stage 'match' trigger. Went to the range to bench fire then sling fire while standing. It amazes me how much of an overall improvement this trigger makes firing the rifle. ZERO creep. Insane rest .. at least for a non drop-in. The trigger and my finger feel as if they are one Only shot at 100yds. Heading out to a longer site this weekend with steel targets at out to 500. Looking forward to experiencing the improvements this trigger should make ringing out to 300 quickly. Keep u the articles. A new brake update would be nice.

    2 years ago
  • Carp

    looking at the chart of triggers and pull weights... what makes the ones with the varied pull weights vary? i understand the swapping springs... but what is giving them a different range per spring? or is the manufacturer just saying the pull will vary per gun?

    2 years ago
    • Eric Hung

      I believe so, Carp.

      2 years ago
    • Don

      Carp, The varied pull weights are because those triggers are flat. The lower on the trigger you pull, the less force needed for the hammer to fall. The closer to the top, the more pressure needed. The trigger shoe can be placed at various points on the trigger shoe, thus changing the pull weight. I hope this helps. I just purchased the Hiperfire 24 3 Gun from Brownells for $149, and I like it a lot. Several online dealers have that and other Hiperure triggers on sale.

      2 years ago
      • Carp

        tx, ordered a 24c from opticsplanet to try (Had to burn a coupon :) )

        2 years ago
  • Andrew

    Thanks! Definitely going with Hiperfire for my first AR build. I'm unsure whether or not to get the Eclipse over the 24C as you mentioned, but I'll see what the sales are like in a few months!

    3 years ago
    • Eric Hung

      Good plan Andrew, let me know how you like it!

      3 years ago
  • Joe L.

    I first want to say, this website has quickly became my go-to resource for firearms related information. I've been collecting and shooting guns for a few years now, and I enjoy reading about various aspects of the gun world. Now, as for the Hipertouch triggers you reviewed here, I recently purchased and installed a Hipertouch 24C in my black rifle and immediately saw a huge improvement. You weren't lying about the break and reset. Its a unique design with the toggle springs that both lowers the pull weight and increases hammer strike power. I haven't yet started reloading, so I shoot a lot of surplus ammo. I've never had a FTF malfunction, and now I don't have to worry about hard primers. I have to say reading this article allowed me to make a better decision and what ultimately helped me choose this trigger and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure there are people that might argue that a Geissele or a Timney trigger would be better. I bet there are those that like two-stage triggers over single-stage. Personally, for the type of shooting I do (off-hand), a single-stage trigger is what I wanted. Furthermore, a drop-in trigger may have be easy to install, but its not as easy to clean it if it gets too much carbon buildup. Thank you. Please keep up your good work.

    3 years ago
    • Eric Hung

      Hi Joe, you're so welcome and glad our review of the Hiperfire helped you out!

      3 years ago
  • Kevin

    What you probably did not know is that Hiperfire has a special spring set for Russian calibers that have hard primers - 5.45x39 and 7.62x39. The special spring set must be ordered separately from Hiperfire. This special spring set has the most hammer force by far a 100% reliably ignites hard Russian primers. Till the Hiperfire 24 triggers with special springs became available, there was no reliable solution for a good trigger pull in these calibers. I have been perfecting 5.45x39 M4 carbines for several years and the hiperfire 24 family finally solved the most persistent problems.

    3 years ago
  • Kyle

    I have a cmc trigger that has yet to fail me. I have done two carbine courses each having to shoot 300 plus rounds. The cmc holds up to the carbon

    4 years ago
    • ehung

      Thanks Kyle!

      4 years ago
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