[Review] Bravo Concealment IWB DOS Gun Holster

Finding the right holster for your concealed carry weapon sucks.

And the price you pay for some of of them is ridiculous…some are near $100 dollars.


It’s just some heat formable plastic riveted together.

And then when you decide on one of the hundreds of companies and order one that fits your gun, what happens?

The clips don’t hold your belt, they are uncomfortable, and they don’t hold your gun at all.

Great…there’s another one for the never wear again drawer.

Bravo Concealment IWB DOS Holster with Glock 27
Bravo Concealment IWB DOS Holster with Glock 27

Well, the holster Bravo Concealment sent is none of the above.

The Gun and Holster Used

My daily carry weapon (in the winter months) is a Glock 27 Gen 4 ($540), 100% stock.  In the Summer, I use a thinner .380 because…let’s face it, the double stack magazine makes for a thicker gun than most .380s.

Bravo Concealment IWB Dos Holster
Bravo Concealment IWB Dos Holster

The holster Bravo Concealment sent is the IWB Kydex Gun Holster.  My main interest in this holster was its option to use it as an appendix carry holster.

49 at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

Looking for an over the waistband (OWB) holster, check out our review of Bravo’s OWB Holster.

Initial Impression

When I opened the shipping box, my first impression was all smiles.

The holster and the mag pouch were in oversized packaging that really showed off the products.  Shipping may be more cost effective to throw them in some bubble wrap and toss them in a flat rate USPS envelope, but Bravo Concealment didn’t do that.

To me, it showed that they give a crap about how their product looks and that they aren’t just some dude in his basement making holsters in a toaster oven on the weekends.

Old Holster vs. New Holster

Old G27 Holster
Old G27 Holster

The holster I used prior to the Bravo Concealment IWB, was a cheaper leather backed kydex holster. There is a pretty big difference in the fit and finish, the carry position options, and the feel are all very different.

The old holster was one that, on my thinner frame, needed to be carried at the 4 or 5 O’Clock carry position–behind my right hip.  The Bravo Concealment IWB offers more options.

The Bravo IWB holster is a much smaller unit.

There isn’t any sort of backing on it like the big leather footprint of the old holster.  This is why I wanted it because, even though it would be plastic on skin all the time, it opened up the option for other carry positions.  The slight comfort difference is worth it.

IWB DOS Holster
IWB DOS Holster

What I noticed, going from a holster where the belt clips are about 7.25 inches apart to one that has clips half the distance apart, is the holster doesn’t conform to the curve of your body as well.  What this meant for me is shift in where I could wear it.

The appendix carry position isn’t that comfortable regardless.  But carrying in the 4 and 5 o’clock carry positions was even less comfortable for me.

4 O'Clock Profile
4 O’Clock Profile

But did hide very well.  Sorry for the blurry pic…but I’m betting you didn’t need a crystal clear pic of my rock hard abs.

4 O'Clock Holster
4 O’Clock Holster

The Standout Features

Holding the holster for the first time, I could feel they used a little thicker Kydex than my other holsters.  It didn’t flex easily.

Bravo IWB Holster
Bravo IWB Holster

The clips are really good.  Almost too good, if that’s possible.  I’ll get more into that later on.

Appendix Carrying

Since this is my first foray into appendix carrying with the Glock 27, I was a unsure how it would go.  I would sometimes carry my Bodyguard .380 appendix style, but that’s a much smaller gun and not a good comparison.

Overall, the holster was as comfortable as you’d expect crammed in the front of your pants.  Surprisingly, it didn’t really dig into my ‘area’ too much.  The holster sits just high enough out of the waistband to not jab anything important when I sit down.

Bravo DOS Holster IWB
Bravo DOS Holster IWB

There was printing when I wore the correct size t-shirt, but when I had a button up shirt on and untucked – how I normally wear them – everything was fine.

IWB Profile
IWB Profile

Making Adjustments

As I mentioned above, the IWB holster sat just right for an appendix carry and I didn’t need to make any changes.  There is a small amount of adjustment, if you need it; you can raise it higher out of your waistband if needed.

Bravo IWB Holster Empty
Bravo IWB Holster Empty

One adjustment that I would have liked is to add a little bit of cant.  Not necessarily for the appendix carry, but for other positions.  Since I was used to a 5 O’Clock carry position, that was the next place I tried.

I found that the grip of the Glock pushed out a bit too much and needed to position the holster more toward the center of my back.  Reaching for it was a little awkward and having a few degrees of cant would help.

Bravo Concealment has a newer holster that tucks the grip of the gun closer to your body.  This series holster is called the DOS Torsion holster.

The Belt Clips

When I mentioned the clips were almost too good, I mean these things hold on.  The way they are made, they are not going to release when you draw your weapon, even if it is an awkward draw and you need to jiggle or yank it from the holster.

IWB DOS Side Clip
IWB DOS Side Clip

The clips have a lip where the part of clip that wraps around your belt rests. It’s like chocking your tires so your car won’t roll away.

Depending on your carry location, you should consider getting your holster with a single belt clip.  Because these clips hold your belt tighter than a liberal to their dream of a socialist United States, you don’t need to worry about a single clip letting go.  A single clip just makes it easier to put on and remove from your belt.

Mag Pouch

The mag pouch was a good quality and it held the loaded standard 9 round and extended 11 round magazines tight.  I liked that the pouch had a tension screw so you can adjust it to your liking.

Bravo Mag Holster with Mag
Bravo Mag Holster with Mag

The pouch I got was an OWB, so for me, it’s more suited for the range.  I think you can get the bad ass clips for them to make the IWB, though.

A Nice Surprise

Bravo Concealment Goodies
Bravo Concealment Goodies

Something else they sent in the box was a patch and a bunch of stickers.  It wasn’t expected.  I like when companies toss in little things like that.  It helps them brand themselves and it gets me a cool patch for a hat or backpack and some stickers for the car window or toolbox.


Overall, I am really happy with the Bravo Concealment’s IWB Kydex Gun Holster.

49 at Amazon

Prices accurate at time of writing

I think the only downfall isn’t of the holster; it’s that the Glock is too thick to easily conceal on my thinner body shape.  I can’t fault Bravo Concealment for me being a thin guy.

What do you look for in a holster?

How do you minimize the number of holsters you have to buy before you find the right one?  Let’s discuss it in the comments below.  Or check out our Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Any Way You Carry.

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Great article. Interesting. I’m researching a holster for my G5-19.. I’m not “thin” so comfortability is important. My love handles tend to pinch. I love ISW carry…. would NEVER consider “appendicks” carry….especially with my gut. LOL.

How is the holster now that you’ve had some time on it? Any new changes?

Anyone have a recommendation for us “beefy” guys?

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