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Remote Brutality 2021: PPT Takes the Challenge

We took to the desert to tackle Varusteleka and InRange TV's Remote Brutality -- a pretty intense shooting challenge. Come see how we did!

12 months of being trapped at home, a world-wide pandemic still ranging outside, what kind of competition can be run safely in times like these?

From the sunbaked hellscape desert of Arizona and the frozen snow-covered forests of Finland comes the best idea and most fun we’ve had all pandemic — Remote Brutality!

Remote Brutality 2021
COVID can’t stop these two…

John ran the stage on camera and has a great rundown of it, so be sure to take a look at that!

If you like watching us almost die from lack of cardio, subscribe to the Pew Pew Tactical YouTube channel for more!

Table of Contents


Remote Brutality

InRangeTV along with their partners have for the last couple of years run a yearly Desert Brutality 2-gun competition in Arizona/Utah.

This inspired a Finnish Brutality run under much the same design goals and rules held in Finland and spearheaded by Varusteleka.

Sadly, due to COVID both of these events were effectively canceled. However, born out of the ashes was a new idea — Remote Brutality!

The past 12 months in a single gif

A simple single-stage that people can participate in on their own, it embodies the spirit of Desert and Finnish Brutality, but requires a very low round-count, and can be done at any rifle range.

Since we’ve been working on a WWSD 2020 video also, we wanted to get in on this fun and run our new carbine through the stage.


The stage is simple and the following rules are copied directly from the Varusteleka site:


  • There are two boxes marked on the ground, A and B, with a distance of 15 meters
  • The target is approximately 50 meters from the center point of the two boxes
  • The shooter starts standing in Box A or Box B, with the rifle fully loaded, on safe, held at low ready.
  • The kettlebell is in the same box with the shooter on the ground.
Remote Brutality Image
Image via Varusteleka

How To Perform The Stage

  • At the buzzer, the shooter will go prone next to the kettlebell and acquire one hit on the target.
  • The shooter will put the safety on, ground the rifle and get up. The shooter will take the kettlebell and throw it towards the other box.
  • The shooter will grab the rifle, go prone next to the kettlebell and acquire one hit on the target.
  • The shooter will continue in the same manner until the kettlebell crosses the fault line of the opposite box.
  • The shooter goes prone next to the kettlebell in the box and acquires one hit on the target.
  • The shooter will continue back towards the first box in the same manner and continue this until the 180 second par time expires.

If you want the complete rules, take a look at the Varusteleka site!

Our Rifle

John and I both used the WWSD 2020 CA Clone that I built and we’ve been testing. For this stage, I threw a bipod on to make grounding the rifle and movement easier.

WWSD 2020
WWSD 2020 CA Rifle

Spec Sheet:

John’s Run

This was John’s second run of the day and the 3rd run out of all of us. Some lessons were learned in the first two runs.

John came in with a better throwing technique and a straighter line, able to get a 3rd 10-second deduction off the par time making for the best run of the day!

After Action Report

This drill is a smoke check, no question about it. Yeeting around a 45-pound kettlebell is all fun and games until you’ve done it for 3 minutes. 

Desert Brutality

It’s a workout and a great test of determination.

The rifle performed amazingly well. Covered in dust and grime, it still kept going. While this was just one of many tests and drills we’re putting our WWSD2020 clone through, we’re really happy with it so far.

John WWSD 2020 Remote
John WWSD 2020 Remote Brutality

While a complete review and video of the rifle is coming soon, there are a couple of things to note:

  • Ultralightweight at 5.6-pounds unloaded.
  • HE510c optic is awesome.
  • Rifle system is almost zero muzzle rise.


Remote Brutality was an awesome event and we’re really glad InRangeTV and Varusteleka set this up! We hope we get to do more events soon and that our local matches finally start to open up as public safety allows.

Desert Brutality
We’re going to take a nap now.

If you’re looking for a new drill to run at your own training session, this one is a test for just about anyone while also being very low round-count — important in times like these.

Did you run the Remote Brutality Stage? How did you do? Let us know in the comments!! For more shooting challenges and drills to try on the range, check out our 6 Best Shooting Drills Guide and read-up on El Presidente.

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