Gun Show Vendor Accidentally Shoots Employee, Becomes Gun Safety Lesson

Have you ever wondered why you need to disarm your gun at a gun show?  

I mean, everyone there should be educated enough not to do anything stupid, right?  

Well even if you are trained, and even if you aren’t stupid, accidents still happen.  

A gun show vendor at the Tanner Gun Show learned this the hard way this past Saturday when his gun went off as he was setting up, striking one of his employees in the leg.

How could this happen?

You’re probably wondering why the gun was loaded in the first place…did the sign up front saying “No Loaded Guns” not work?  

gun free zone
Its almost like guns can’t read.

The answer is obviously “No” since someone did, in fact, get shot. What IS surprising, is where the bullet came from.

The gun in question was actually the vendors personal concealed carry firearm that he had brought in, not a gun being set up at the booth.

Carrying a loaded gun at a gun show is of course against policy for many (if not all) shows, and Tanner Gun Show is no exception. 

Of course the vendor is now banned from participating in the future, but what’s to stop this from happening again?

Not at MY gun show!

Well it’s not like this happens all of the time right?  You might be thinking this only happens at small gun shows and to people that shouldn’t have guns in the first place. Wrong and wrong!  Not only is this the largest gun show in Colorado, all 3 incidents were caused in completely different circumstances.

That’s right!  This sort of thing has happened not once, not twice, but the three times at this gun show alone.  

tanner gun show
Even a large, reputable show like Tanner Gun Show isn’t immune to human fallibility.

The crazy thing is that each incident happened in a completely different circumstances the first of which was a 67 year old man accidentally shooting himself in the stomach in the parking lot back in 2008.  

Stay Safe Out There

If you’re carrying a firearm, or around people who are, please please please make sure that everyone is following basic gun safety rules.  Much like when you’re on the road, your safety depends on other’s just as much as it does on your own actions.  And lest you think you’re much too experienced for such things, remember that negligent discharges can happen to anybody if they aren’t careful.

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I have always had a problem with gunshows disarming their patrons. We yell the loudest when a business violates our right to carry but we put up with it at a business that should be the most carry/2nd ammendment friendly out there and that’s the gun show. I agree that there should be signs about no touching your carry piece unless you have to defend self or others and it should be zero tolerance lifetime banishment from future shows. I agree that any guns to be displayed or handled at show need to be cleared and flagged as so and… Read more »


I think anybody who normally carries a pistol; and, because of some gun show prohibition, decides to leave his carry piece in the trunk of his car while attending the show is ……. well, just plain nutz! (Where’s the best place to steal a gun at a gun show? ……. In the parking lot — Right!) Besides, there’s no way I am going to walk into a roomful of gunmen (or ‘aficionados’) — Any of whom might, himself, be packing and/or, even worse, actually hostile — and leave my EDC pistol in the car. THAT ain’t ever going to happen! Like… Read more »


Gun safety needs to be taught as a way of life, not an inconvenience that you obey once in a while. There are no excuses in cases like these. His carry gun should have been emptied and secured in accordance with the posted signs. It is usually due to laziness and cutting corners that things like this happen.