Author Danielle Villegas

Danielle is a lifelong bookworm turned copywriter. She is excited to dive head-first into the world of guns, gear, and survivalism as an editor at Pew Pew Tactical. When she isn’t pounding away at the keyboard, she enjoys reading apocalypse novels and researching nerdy nonsense on Wikipedia.


The Modernization & Failed Indigenization of the Indian Army

India is purchasing foreign firearms after the 2020 China-India Border Skirmishes. But why is the OFB failing to produce domestic rifles? (Read)


Body Armor Sales Skyrocket in 2020

Body armor manufacturers and suppliers are reporting a spike in sales. Find out why and when supply will catch up with demand. (Read)


Ammo Sold Out Nationwide with Future Supply Unknown

Firearm retailers are struggling to meet the public’s need for ammunition. What's selling and when will ammo supplies return to normal? (Read)
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