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Author Bryan Rheem

Bryan is a NRA Pistol Instructor passionate about the 2A and self-defense. Originally from Virginia (where fabulous gun laws abound), he is now on the opposite coast in Northern California, but the strict laws have not diminished his passion to shoot, teach, and write. Bryan loves to help civilians apply self-defense principles and best practices in an effective and practical way to their specific circumstances and lifestyle. If not shooting or writing, he’s out on his motorcycle, enjoying the vast open roads devoid of the traffic he definitely does not miss in VA.

Gun Reviews

[Review] Walther P22: Rimfire Training & More

Want a great .22LR pistol that is not only fun, but can also double as an effective training pistol? We hands-on review the Walther P22 with tons of rounds. (Read)

Gun Reviews

[Tribute Review] Sig P239: Goodnight Sweet Prince

One of the best 9mm CCW pistols and now it's gone. Check out our tribute review for the Sig Sauer P239 and why we still choose to carry it. (Read)