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Author Aden Tate

Aden Tate is a writer and locksmith in The Beautiful South. When he’s not hammering away at a keyboard, he can be found raising goats, pigs, bees, chickens, mushrooms, and crops. He can be found on Telegram @adentate or on IG @aden_tate_is_writing .


A Picture from History: The Gulag

During the early 1900s "class enemies" in the Soviet Union were shipped to concentration camps known as Gulags. Learn more about the terrors they faced. (Read)


10 Best Long Range & Precision Shooting Courses

We take a look at a variety of long-range precision courses that will have you touching those far-out targets in no time. (Read)


[How-To] Get Out of a Mob or Riot & Survive

We help you plan for a mob or riot and give you some tips and tricks to get out of a horde of angry people safely and efficiently. (Read)


5 Best Fighting Karambit Knives

We run you through the best karambit-style knives suited for everyday carry and self-defense. Come see what made the list. (Read)


[How-To] Survive When Stranded at Sea

What happens when disaster strikes on the open water? How do you survive at sea? We've got some tips to help if you find yourself stranded in the water. (Read)


A Picture from History: Otto Frank

We take a look at Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, and a man desperate to protect his family against the Nazis. (Read)


CERT Basics: Community Emergency Response Team

We walk you through what you need to know about CERT training -- what it is, why you should train up, and how to get signed up for a class. (Read)


5 Best Glock Conversion Kits to Turn Pistols into PDWs

Conversion kits give you the option to transform a generic Glock into a PDW...and we have the lead on the best ones! (Read)


A Picture from History: Sergeant Alvin C. York

We take a look into the life of Sergeant York who, alongside 7 of his men, heroically captured over 100 German soldiers during World War I. (Read)


FBI Ammo Test Protocol: How It Shaped the Industry

We break down what the FBI's ammo test protocol is and how this battery of tests changed the firearm and ammunition industries. (Read)


10 Best Tactical Carbine Courses: Beginner to Advanced

We take a look at some of the best tactical carbine classes to get your rifle skills up to speed -- from beginner all the way through advanced. (Read)


A Picture from History: Simo Häyhä, Lethal Sniper

We look at one of the most deadly snipers in history…a small Finnish farmer who took on Soviet forces during The Winter War in 1939. (Read)


12 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home Against Bad Guys

We take a look at 12 simple things you can do to better secure your home from bad guys looking to steal your stuff or worse... (Read)


[How-To] Prep For & Survive An EMP Attack

We walk you through what you need to know to survive an electromagnetic pulse with your electronics intact. Come see what you can do! (Read)
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