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Laser Ammo Review: IMTTS & Surestrike Kit

Looking at the Laser Ammo Surestrike Kit and Interactive Multi Target Training System? See it in action! Plus we go over its pros, cons, & competitors.

    Pew!  Pew!

    Laser cartridges for training might be the closest thing to actually shooting lasers out your gun.

    Laser Ammo In Action, Greenlight Shooting
    Laser Ammo In Action, Greenlight Shooting

    But there’s a lot of them out there (like Laserlyte and G-Sight).  Today we’ll cover one of the highest end manufacturers, Laser Ammo.

    Laser Ammo IMTTS and Surestrike 9mm Premium Kit
    Laser Ammo IMTTS and Surestrike 9mm Premium Kit

    Laser Ammo graciously lent us their 9mm Premium Kit and latest IMTTS: Interactive Multi Target Training System for testing.

    And since this kind of stuff is better with video…we’ve hooked up with Green Light Shooting for a video review + our regular blog review below.


    What is It?

    9mm Surestrike Premium Kit

    One of the best ways to train to shoot better from the comfort of your own home is dry-firing.  We cover a lot of techniques in our Shooting More Accurately Guide but one of our favorite gizmos is the laser cartridge.

    This takes the place of a real round (phew) and when your pistol is dry-fired, will emit a laser pulse.  This allows you to see if you hit where you were aiming.

    Laser Ammo 9mm Cartridge
    Laser Ammo 9mm Cartridge

    You’ll need to re-cock each time since the laser is emitted when the firing pin hits the back of the cartridge.  Slightly annoying for non-double-action guns like the Glock.

    But that’s the only way the mechanism will work.

    However, the best thing about this is that you get to use your own gun…with your regular trigger and sights.

    Normally this is something you stick in your chamber and will not come out when you re-cock (or else it will be annoying).  But Laser Ammo takes this one step ahead and adds an extension and red tip.

    Laser Ammo Cartridge with Red Tip
    Laser Ammo Cartridge with Red Tip

    This is a good addition since you have an extra visual indicator that it’s not a real round, and you won’t have to scrounge for a pencil to remove the cartridge.

    We shot a lot with the sample cartridge and it has stayed functional and accurate.  One thing I do have to fault is the price tag…the 9mm Premium Kit is $150.

    It does come with the red tip alert system and some reflective targets.  And also access to Adapter Rings ($15) which allow you to shoot lots of other calibers instead of buying an entire new laser cartridge.

    Laser Ammo Premium Plus Kit

    If you’re trying to penny pinch, the 9mm cartridge by itself is $99 which is even better than my Chinese Laserlyte at $130 which has lasted me at least 5,000 strikes.

    Laser Ammo is made in Israel and the laser rated for over 2K hours (over 15 million shots) while the backer is rated for 5K shots.

    Interactive Multi Target Training System

    Tired of shooting random things in your room?

    Laser Ammo IMMTS, Interactive Multi Target Training System
    Laser Ammo IMTTS, Interactive Multi Target Training System

    These targets come in packs and link up with each other.  You’ll also get 5 different shooting modes:

    • Standalone
    • Steel-plate shooting (Shoot to turn off light)
    • Tactical training (“Chase the Ball”)
    Laser Ammo, Chase the Ball Mode
    Laser Ammo, Chase the Ball Mode, Greenlight Shooting
    • Shoot/no-shoot (Green for Shoot, Red for No-Shoot)
    • Double-speed shoot/no-shoot

    Great fun when you place them around the house and run through.  Even better when someone else places them so you don’t know what is where.

    The double-speed might be too fast for guns where you need to re-cock in between each shot.


    Our two main complaints are on the design/feel and again…price.

    The design of the stand looks really retro.  If Laser Ammo were going for that…they succeeded.

    That by itself is fine, until you couple it with the price.  A 3-Pack of the IMTTS will run you close $250.

    But keep in mind that they do link up together and allow the 5-modes to work together.  If you can get some friends to go splitsies on the 5-Pack…you’re golden for setting up a mini shoot house at around $70 a target which is much more reasonable.

    Looking for only one target?  I also have their Laser PET ($110), which in contrast feels much more worth it and also has a couple cool modes.

    Laser Ammo PET
    Laser Ammo PET


    Laser Ammo gives us great pieces of training gear that allows you to use your own gun plus interactive shooting targets around your home.

    Laser Ammo IMTTS and Surestrike 9mm Premium Kit
    Laser Ammo IMTTS and Surestrike 9mm Premium Kit

    Everything worked as it should.

    It just felt retro and is a little expensive for us normal folks.  But if you value the linkability of the products and how you can set up some interesting scenarios…Laser Ammo can help.

    Want to see our other picks?  Check out our Best Laser Cartridges & Targets.

    Do you have the Laser Ammo or any of its competitors?  How do you like it?

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    4 Leave a Reply

    • Commenter Avatar

      What works for a 380ACP like the Walther CCP M2?

      January 5, 2022 5:27 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Lynda P

      Is there a laser practice shot for a 410 shotgun single shot??

      January 14, 2021 12:48 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Brian D. Binns

      Eric - Nice review, but I have one question, which I think is an important one, that I have not seen covered in any review of this product so far. That is, out to about what distance is this Laser-Ammo Dry Fire product usable. I know, much will depend on the ambient light, i.e., is it nighttime dark outside, or kind of like a heavily clouded day, etc....Basically, under what lighting conditions does this work best...and out to what distances...If this thing could be usable out to about 50 Yards with night time lighting or just heavy cloud cover type days ... then the price would be very much worth it. If, on the other hand, it really only works well out to maybe 20 / 25 feet / 12 yards....then probably wouldn't spend the full $400.00. Thanks very much!

      March 28, 2019 5:13 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Marie Shrock

        I have the laser ammo deluxe kit but I bought it paired with L.A.S.R. software instead of the targets in the article. You need a laptop, webcam and a tripod to use it but if you have a laptop, you can buy an inexpensive webcam and cheap tripod that work fine. I really like the software - you can do a lot with it. A big advantage is you can use any target - you just aim the webcam at it and outline the target zones on the computer screen. The setup has a bit of a learning curve and can be kind of a pain, but it is pretty sophisticated. You can have it make shooting sounds, a metal ping sound like shooting steel, have it call shots and time your shots, and on and on. There are YouTube reviews of it.

        It is finicky about light, you need low light to use it. Either a dimly lit room or dark outside. I haven't tried it with heavy clouds - that might work - night shooting is good low light practice. I've used it out to 9 yards with no problem but I don't see why it wouldn't work further out - don't know about 50 yds but lasers pointed from the ground can interfere with airplanes.

        November 8, 2019 2:46 pm
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