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Category Gun Laws


FFL123 Review: Becoming Your Own FFL [Hands-On Tested]

We sat down and went through FFL123's FFL and Class 3 (SOT) Guides to see if these courses will actually help you get your FFL. Come see what we found... (Read)

Gun Laws

Brady Act: What Is It & How Does It Affect Gun Owners?

Ever wondered what the Brady Act is? Well, we have the answer. Come find out what this piece of legislation is and how it affects gun owners. (Read)

Gun Laws

Featureless AR-15 Rifles [California Build Guide]

Quickly learn what makes a rifle "featureless," how to build a featureless AR-15, the benefits, and top mods for grips, stocks, and muzzle devices. (Read)


Biden Announces More Executive Actions, Final Rule on 80% Kits

The Biden Administration announced the ATF's Final Rule on 80% kits and receivers, alongside more Executive Actions. We have the full breakdown here. (Read)

Concealed Carry

What to Do After Using a Gun in Self Defense

So you've had to draw your gun and use it against someone intent on doing you harm. Now what? We walk you through what to do after a self-defense shooting. (Read)

Gun Reviews

8 Home Defense Guns For Ban States [Guide]

Live in a state that places restrictions on guns? No prob! We walk you through some guns that can work in states like CA, NJ, NY, and others with bans. (Read)

Beginner's Guide

How to Buy a Gun Online [Ultimate Guide]

Quickly learn how to buy a gun online. We cover the best online stores, pros & cons of buying online, dealing with your FFL, and background check specifics. (Read)

Gun Laws

[Guide] Private Sales of Firearms for Beginners

Looking to do a private sale of a gun? We cover the pros, cons, laws, and what to watch out for when buying from individuals. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

10 Best Online Gun Stores [2022]: New & Used

Your local gun shop not cutting it with their selection or price? Buy your guns online! We cover our personal favorites where we buy most of our firearms. (Read)

Gun Laws

What Is the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act?

We take a look at the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act and explain what it means to gun makers and gun owners. (Read)


Texas HB 957: Can You Buy A Suppressor Without the Stamp?

Texas HB 957 is a new state law that skirts federal gun laws and the NFA when buying a suppressor within the state...but is it legal? We discuss... (Read)

Gun Laws

Gun Trusts: What Are They & Do You Need One?

Ever wonder what a gun trust is and if you need one? Well we got the answers. Come learn what an NFA trust does and if it's worth the set up? (Read)

Gun Laws

NY SAFE Act Explained: How It Impacts Gun Owners

We take a look a the New York SAFE Act which placed restrictions on the kinds of firearms NY gun owners could have...among other things. (Read)


Glock 18: For Sale, But You (Probably) Can’t Have One

The Glock 18 and 18C are legendary fully-automatic pistols. Find out more about them and how you possibly can own one. Plus how they actually shoot! (Read)
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