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NRL22 Updates Match Rules for 2021-2022 [Guide]

Rules are what makes the world go round, or something like that. 

With a new season of NRL22 comes some rule changes, several of these are pretty game-changing so it’s worth taking a closer look at them!

Fully Upgraded 10/22
Grab your .22 LR and let’s get to shooting!

Table of Contents


What Is NRL22?

If you know already, then skip this part. If you don’t know, welcome!

NRL22 is a “long-range” dynamic shooting sport designed for .22 LR at ranges from 25-yards to 100-yards…or 200-yards…and sometimes a lot further than that.

Long Range Shooters of Utah
Long Range Shooters of Utah

If you’ve ever seen or shot NRL or PRS, it’s basically the same thing but with .22 LR.

Personally, I LOVE NRL22 and shoot it as often as I am able. So let us know if you want to see more NRL22 content on the site!

And for more details, take a look at NRL22 (National Rifle League) Competition Basics.

NRL22 2021-2022 Season Rules Changed

To be clear, these aren’t ALL of the changes. For the sake of brevity, I’ve left out a few minor changes with zero impact on shooters.

Section 3. A. 1. – Stage Design Change

This is an exciting change! 

Courses of fire will now have an “Option A” and a “Option B” for distance and target size.

Option A is designed for 100-yards and in, Option B will be for 200-yards and in. This kicks everything up a notch.

NRL22 June stage
NRL22 June stage

Basically, Option 2 turns it up to hard mode with a longer distance and the chance for strange things like magazine changes and reduced times. It also doesn’t use the standard NRL22 target package.

If your club has the room and the shooters — Option 2 will be very cool.

How much harder will it be? That’s yet to be seen with the new COFs, but I’m looking forward to it.

Section 3. A. 4. – More Prizes!

Every subsequent match after the first match, the shooter’s names will be entered into a random prize drawing from NRL22 sponsors.

It’s a small change, but more prizes is never a bad thing.

Jonah Hill Excited
Us when we win free stuff

If you’re not a member yet, you don’t need to be one to shoot in NRL22.

But membership helps grow the sport, enters you for prizes, and allows point accumulation to qualify for Nationals.

(Psst…Sign up here!)

Section 3. B. 11 – Less Pre-Gaming Your Stage

Shooters will only be allowed to take a position on any prop while under the clock. However, this rule is at the discretion of the Match Director.

If you have a small club, each shooter dry firing or slow walking the props in each stage normally doesn’t take that long. 

nrl22 shooting
NRL22 shooting

But when you have 30+ shooters and 20 of them take an extra 5 minutes per stage to try out every position on every prop before ever taking a shot, the day gets long.

This is a nice rule for Match Directors to enforce or not enforce depending on their settings.

Section 5. B. 1. – New Base Class MSRP + More

Base Class MSRP has been raised to $1,200 for the combined MSRP of the rifle and scope — which is great!

Also, some discontinued but still very popular rifles are now allowed in Base Class (list here). This is also pretty cool.

But now it gets weird…

Not as weird as this. Whatever this is.

For the discontinued models, MSRP must be adjusted for inflation — 3% fixed range, compounded annually. And the shooter must provide proof that the rifle is Base Class legal.

So…good luck digging up old MSRP information and running it through your investment interest calculator.

I understand the spirit behind this rule and I really like it, but adjusting for inflation via calculators is just annoying for everyone involved.

mask accountant
NRL22 match director at match check in, 2021, probably

I hope this rule gets simplified soon or at least for next season.

Section 5. B. 5. – Class Limits Per Month

Basically, you pick a class you’re going to shoot in that month and that is the only class you’re eligible in for placement.

For example, if a Young Guns shooter with a base rifle wins a whole match — they only get credit for being a Young Gun since that was the shooting class they signed up for.

Section 5. B. 7. – New Shooter Class “OG / Adaptive”

Very cool addition to the rules, OG / Adaptive Class will be available for any shooter older than 60 years old or any shooter with special needs/considerations

It is up to the Match Director to determine special needs.

That said, it’s on the OG / Adaptive shooter to review the course of fire BEFORE the event. Meeting with the Match Director before the match starts allows the shooter to discuss changes that need to be made for their COF.

Like the wise murder cat says, be a good competitor and come to the match at least having an idea of the COF to make changes easier on the Match Director.

An example of changes to the COF might be shooting from a bench instead of prone.

OG / Adaptive Class shooters are allowed to use Open, Base, or Air Rifles — but there is no distinction between these within the class.

Section 5. C. 1. – Equipment Changes

HUGE change here, like major.

Unless mentioned in the COF, any equipment is allowed to be used. The only exception is tripods and shooting sticks.

Bergara B-14 HMR
Bergara B-14 HMR, the multicam bag on the left is my “standard” NRL22 bag — the Wiebad Mini Fortune Cookie

Before, NRL22 limited shooters to using ONE piece of equipment (normally a bag) and the bag had to be smaller than a volleyball.

This rule change removes that restriction.

Want to be the guy with 15 bags on his belt? You do you, boo.

Numero Uno
It started as a joke but…yes, Numero Uno bag is a real bag from Armageddon Gear.

Personally…I’m not a fan of this rule change. Long range shooting is expensive and there is a LOT of equipment you can buy for it.

One of the least rewarding parts of that equipment race is support bags.

Ask me to spend $300 on a bipod and I do it. Ask me to spend $150 on a freaking undersized beanbag chair and it makes me mad.

I for one enjoyed that NRL22 limited you to one bag and a fairly small one at that.

This rule change will make NRL22 a more effective platform for people training centerfire matches, but it also makes the bar for entry to be competitive a bit higher.

We’ll see how this shakes out in the long run.


Overall I think these are some great changes and I’m really excited for the 2021-2022 season of NRL22.

NRL22 Competition
NRL22 Competition (Photo: NRL22 via Facebook)

I’m already signed up for one NRL22X match also and plan on attending at least a few this year.

What do you think of the rule changes? Let us know below. Also, tell us if you’re interested in more NRL22 coverage from Pew Pew Tactical. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with NRL22 further with our article or find the perfect .22 LR rifle in our Best .22 LR Rifles Guide.

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