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CMMG Banshee CMMG FourSix CMMG Banshee Mk57 bag CMMG Banshee MK47 CMMG Banshee MK47 Shooting CMMG Banshee MK47 Front End CMMG Banshee MK47 Left Side CMMG Banshee MK47 Action CMMG Banshee MK47
CMMG Banshee CMMG FourSix CMMG Banshee Mk57 bag CMMG Banshee MK47 CMMG Banshee MK47 Shooting CMMG Banshee MK47 Front End CMMG Banshee MK47 Left Side CMMG Banshee MK47 Action CMMG Banshee MK47
  • Extremely low recoil
  • AR-15 modularity
  • Reliable
  • Expensive
  • Ammo can be hard to come by
Editor’s Note:

The CMMG FourSix Banshee brings the 4.6x30mm cartridge from the MP7 into the world of AR-15 pistol-caliber carbines. The 4.6x30mm is a small and lightweight cartridge with extremely low recoil, comparable to the 5.7x28mm round. The FourSix boasts an impressive 40-round capacity and gives users all the modularity that comes with the AR-15 platform. This gun features fully ambidextrous controls and a complete set of upgraded ZEROED furniture and controls, and a includes a linear compensator.

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CMMG Mk4 Banshee 4.6x30mm Specs

Barrel Length
Magazine Capacity
Burnt Bronze

CMMG Mk4 Banshee 4.6x30mm Features

ZEROED pistol grip
ZEROED trigger guard
ZEROED 60°/90° ambi safety
ZEROED AR-15 ambi charging handle
ZEROED Ambi mag catch
ZEROED Extended mag release button
ZEROED AR-15 bolt catch
ZEROED AR-15 polymer dust cover
ZEROED linear compensator 5.56mm

By The Numbers - CMMG Mk4 Banshee 4.6x30mm

t’s a wee little round, so don’t expect to go out too far. But at reasonable (shorter) distances, you can make tiny holes right where you want them.
I’ve heard internet rumors that one guy’s mag didn’t work and that there’s been a few issues with the Fiocchi ammo. But for me and this test? Zero issues. It ran like crazy.
Full rail + M-Lok + AR modularity? Customize all the things!
I like the MOE grip, and the controls are great…especially that ambi charging handle, but it’s still (just) an AR. Nothing to write home to Momma about.

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Whether it’s video games, Stargate, or crazy-looking space guns, everyone can find a reason they want a PS90. FN designed the PS90 around the 5.7x28mm cartridge to create a carbine that offers a lot of firepower in a small package. While they can’t sell the original short 10.5-inch barreled model over the counter, the 16-inch PS90 is the next best thing. Although it looks strange, the gun is oddly ergonomic and is 100 percent ambidextrous — it even ejects downwards. Even though it is a direct-blowback gun, the 5.7x28mm cartridge is so light recoiling that your trigger finger will get tired running through the 50-round magazines before your shoulder does. The factory options for mounting optics leave much to be desired, but luckily the aftermarket has you covered. If you can stomach the cost of the gun and the ammo, then you will end up with a gun that is nearly unmatched in firepower for its size and weight.

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CMMG Mk4 Banshee 4.6x30mm Upgrades & Accessories

final verdict

“Overall, there’s not much to complain about here. The FourSix runs, and it’s gorgeous. CMMG backs it up with their lifetime warranty. And…it’s doggone cool.” – Johnny B

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