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Ultimate Grey Man Disguise: Denim Snake [Video]

How does one achieve superior grey man status, blending into any urban environment with ease? By becoming the Denim Snake. (Read)


[Review] Halo MA40: Best Bullpup Rifle of 2021

We got hands-on time with the BEST bullpup of 2021 -- the Halo MA40. Come see why we think this motorized rifle might just beat the Tavor. (Read)


6 Best Handguns to Buy Your Man [Ultimate Guide]

Ladies, we're here to help you buy for that hard-to-shop-for man in your life. We've gathered the best handguns for men all in one place! (Read)


[April Fools] California To Require Fin Grips on All Handguns

Sacramento, CA — California lawmakers have signed into effect Bill SB420.69 which defines the new term "super assault pistol." (Read)


[Quiz] What Type of Gun Fanboy Are You?

Glock, HK, Hi-Point? Find out what type of gun fanboy you are with our quick little quiz. (Read)


Gun Owner Excited Liberal Friends Now Into Guns; Exhausted as Their Sole Source of Information

Seattle, WA -- Local gun owner Randall Phillips likes to look at the bright side of things, generally. (Read)


.40 S&W Readopted Nationwide

In a shocking turn of events, the FBI, LAPD, NYPD, LVPD, ATF, and GSA have announced that due to a nationwide shortage of 9mm and .45 ACP they will be readopting .40 Smith & Wesson as their primary duty cartridge. (Read)


Man Didn’t Realize Personal Hygiene First To Go While Waiting For Society to Collapse

TUCSON, AZ -- Tucson native and avid prepper Danial Cruz has led a pretty uneventful life, by his own admission, and that's fine by him. (Read)


Pandemic Barter Values of Common Ammo

New York City, NY -- Ammunition manufacturers are posting massive gains this week as reports of toilet paper hoards begin to run dry. (Read)


Man Upset He Can’t Draw His Revolver at a Holster Booth During NRAAM

JOHNSON CITY, TN — Local man Marshall Tuckerson, age 73, voiced his disgust at the cancellation of this year's NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) in Nashville, TN. (Read)


Local Man Dedicates Life to Valiantly Defending Hi-Point Online

Deming, NM -  New Mexico native Mike Yeetanelli announced earlier this afternoon that he's quit his job as a contractor to pursue "a higher calling" - defending the good name of besieged low-cost firearms manufacturer Hi-Point in what appear to be obvious humor pieces throughout the entire internet. (Read)


The Dumbest Glock Build Ever

We've done a bunch of great Glock builds. Here's what we came up for the absolute dumbest build possible. Check out our monstrosity. (Read)


NRA Introduces “Soundcloud Rapper” Persona to Counter Abysmal Millennial Membership

FAIRFAX, VA—In a blatant marketing move sure to come across as tragically unhip to its target demographic, the National Rifle Association announced today its intention to introduce a new spokesperson aimed specifically at bolstering millennial membership. (Read)


5.11 Resurrects Iconic 90s Streetwear Brand JNCO For ‘Unparalleled Capacity’ EDC Pants

LOS ANGELES, CA—In a move sure to rock both the tactical and cybergoth club rave scenes to their core, 5.11 has officially unveiled plans to acquire and resurrect Los Angeles-based streetwear company JNCO. (Read)
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