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Author Allison Goodwin, PPT Editor

Allison is an editor at Pew Pew Tactical and resident apocalypse nerd. She got a taste of sport shooting in 4-H Club and has been shooting most of her life. She also has a soft spot for survivalism and loves learning new prepping skills.

Body Armor

Best Body Armor [Tested]: Hard Plates & Soft Armor

Want the best body armor for your purpose and budget? We've hands-on tested the most popular options out there and cut through the misinformation. (Read)

Beginner's Guide

[Beginner’s Guide] Ham Radio Basics for Preppers

We bring you a comprehensive guide to everything ham radio. From why ham radio is useful to how to get your license to the best radios...we got it all! (Read)

Buyer's Guide

5.11 Tactical: 2021 Women’s Series [Hands-On Review]

We took a look at 5.11 Tactical's women's clothing and gear for 2021. What stood out? What could we live without? Come see! (Read)


6 (More) Badass Lady Shooters: Past & Present

We walk you through some really cool ladies -- both historical and present-day -- who've made an impact on the gun and shooting world. (Read)


Shoot Like A Girl: Tips for Getting Yourself Into Guns

We're bringing our best tips to ladies who want to get into shooting, but don't know how to do it alone. Come see what resources we suggest! (Read)


8 Best Survival & Prepping Books to Get You Prepared

We help you expand your prepping and survival knowledge with a list of our go-to survival books for both hard copy and e-book readers. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

5 Best Places to Buy Gun Magazines Online [2021]

Need magazines for your gun? We've bought a lot of mags from a lot of places online. Here's five of our favorites that have selection, price, and delivery. (Read)

Buyer's Guide

Bug-Out/Bug-In: Best Gifts for Preppers

Have a prepper in your life who's a bit hard to shop for? No worries, we have you covered with our go-to list of great gifts for preppers. (Read)


[Quiz] Medical Emergencies: Boo-Boo or 911?

Test your boo boo knowledge with our medical emergencies quiz. (Read)


[Quiz] How Well Do YOU Know The US Constitution?

Are you a real American? How well do you think you know your constitution? Hold onto your powdered-wig and stockings as you take this quiz! (Read)


Quiz: What Gun Does Dad Want for Father’s Day?

Whether he's a BBQ Dad™ or a bit of a redneck, this quiz is here to help you figure out just what gun your dad wants this Father's Day. (Read)


Quiz – Can You Name These Firearm Parts?

Know your random gun parts? Take our quiz to see how good you really are! (Read)


Quiz – What Classic Firearm Company Are You?

Take this QUIZ to find out what your personality says about which classic firearms company you'd be! (Read)


Gold & Silver for Prepping: Why, Favorites, & Storage

Should you add gold and silver to your prepping plan? We go over the reasons why you should and shouldn't, our favorite coins, and how to store them! (Read)