Attention: First time shooter or returning after a long break?

This 2-Hour “Gun Buddy” Pistol Course Turns Gun Noobs into Gun Slingers

Surprise the regulars at the gun range and hear ‘em say:

“No way, THIS is your FIRST TIME shooting?!”

So you want to get into guns? Awesome.

Hi, I’m Eric, and I’m the founder of Pew Pew Tactical, an online firearms resource that helps over 5 million people each month.

I’m not an elite tactical operator, but I really love sharing my love of guns. And I’ve taught enough people in person that I know how to help you understand the most important parts.

Before I started Pew Pew Tactical, I realized that:

The Biggest Mistake New Shooters Make Is
Trying to Figure it Out on Their Own

When I was 25, I desperately wanted to shoot and own guns, but I didn’t know anyone with a gun who could teach me the basics.

So instead, I tried figuring it out on my own and wasted dozens of hours on research and hundreds of dollars on useless accessories

On top of that, I took gun classes which were often too long, expensive, and filled with fluff.

They were also inconvenient to schedule as they could take up an entire weekend and, if you’re unlucky, can get you stuck with a condescending instructor.

Eventually I improved and became a proper shooter, but I’m still a bit bitter about all the mistakes I made, and the time and money I lost.

I realized later I could have prevented all this pain by having a “gun buddy” from the start. IF only I’d known someone…

Because as I became better and got known as “the gun guy” to my friends, I began mentoring those of them who also wanted to get into guns.

I taught them about safety, how to handle guns in a gun store, and how to shoot at the range without being yelled at because they broke one of the rules.

Soon after, I realized there are thousands of people like them and me back when I was 25, who don’t know anyone else to introduce them to the world of guns.

That’s when I came up with From Gun Noob to Gun Slinger,
a basic pistol course to master handguns in the shortest amount of time.

This course is for you IF:

  • check mark

    You want a pistol for self-defense, but don’t know which ones to try out at the gun store, and how to train and handle it safely at home without endangering yourself or your family.

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    You want to shoot handguns for fun and get a quick step-by-step breakdown of tips and tricks to instantly skip the novice stage and be seen as an intermediate/advanced shooter.

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    You’re going to the gun range for the first time and want to know the basic rules and how to actually use the pistols without paying for an instructor or “bothering” other shooters.

People from all walks of life take this course, including:

Total Beginners Families Returning Shooters

“Excellent instruction! I feel so much more prepared for the range. I also like the product recommendations and the links you provide.

It really helps to have someone who understands the challenges for a noobie and who cuts through the jargon.

– Kenton Marino

“This husband/wife team enjoyed your course. It helped us be ready and prepared. Also resolved some questions.

We are both active at the range and having fun with both learning and training.”

– Casey Smiley

“Great refresher course.

I took a break of about 20 years from owning/shooting any firearms.

– Daniel Audette

So what makes Gun Noob to Gun Slinger different from other courses?

  • Easy instructions and explanations without jargon. Everything is explained so you’ll never feel like an out-of-place newbie being talked down to by a condescending gun guy.

  • No politics or gun attitude. Whoever you are, you’ll feel welcome in this course and be treated as a friend.

  • High definition videos with first person segments. Making you feel like you’re right there.

  • No boring theory or unnecessary fluff. Just the essentials and actionable instructions to get you shooting as fast as possible.

  • Lifetime Access so if you forget something or want to refresh your memory, the videos will be there for you.

  • Quizzes after every video to really hammer it in. Plus, a comment section to questions to Eric and fellow offer owners below each video.

Scroll down to check out free video samples.

Gun Noob to Gun Slinger has already helped thousands of new and returning shooters:

quotation mark

Excellent course! I’ve taken a live shooting course that focused a lot on the actual shooting and did not offer much classroom training.
Your course is super thorough and covers A to Z in pistol shooting.

Thank you, I look forward to taking more of your courses in the future.

Thomas Wiatrowski Jr.
quotation mark

Great course Eric. Thanks for doing this. It was super helpful and I learned a lot.

Also, thanks for allowing us lifetime access. I will definitely need to go back and refresh on some things and some of your accessory recommendations.

Kurt Christensen
quotation mark

This course quickly gave me exactly what I was looking for without having to search all over the internet for things that may or may not be correct.

This was extremely helpful and comprehensive for a beginner or in my case someone who left the military 20 years ago and hasn’t shot a weapon since then.

Chad Martin
quotation mark

I’ve appreciated this course mostly for pre-learning what to expect when I find time to attend a class in person. Last thing I wanted to do was do something wrong that everyone else would have considered to be common sense. My favorite section was: How to Clean a Handgun, as I didn’t know squat about tearing down a pistol. Thanks again.

Nicholas Larrow
quotation mark

Eric, your course is outstanding! I am on my 3rd time through it and continually learning. It is well worth the money. FYI, I took an in-person course for $139 from a retired Federal agent and I think your course is superior to his. The material you present is thorough, yet you present it in a friendly way that is easy to understand.

Dante Franco

Here's what is inside Gun Noob to Gun Slinger

Module 1: The 4 Rules of Gun Safety

When you forget your anniversary or your mother-in-law’s maiden name, you might be in trouble.

But this trouble pales in comparison when compared to the potential consequences of forgetting the 4 rules of gun safety.

That’s why we made this video free so anyone can benefit, regardless whether you buy this course or not.

But if you really want to drive the knowledge home, access our quiz inside the course.


Module 2: Basic Firearm Workings

A simple and visually entertaining explanation of the very basics of how firearms work.

Other courses often shower you with technical details that are normally only reserved for gunsmiths in training — Instead, we cover just the essentials so you can hold a conversation with other gun owners and store clerks.

<= Here’s a free preview of one of the videos.


Module 3: Master the differences between handguns

Don’t want to walk into a gun store at the mercy of a salesperson who wants to make a quick buck?

With these basics about the differences and workings of 4 different types of handguns, you’ll stand confidently at the gun store counter.

Module 4: How to Handle a Pistol Like a Pro

Inside, you’ll discover six essentials you need to impress the regulars at the range.

If you do all these things correctly, your shots will be leagues better than any beginner and you’ll have a lot more fun.

Our tip on eye dominance might even teach you something new about your body, as it did for these members:

Module 5: What (Not) to Do on Your First Range Day

A very important (re)watch when heading to the range. It can be an intimidating place where Range Officers practically smell newbies who are about to violate the rules.

Learn all the important aspects, plus what gear to bring and how to fix problems that might occur while shooting.

This module will help turn your first day into a pleasant experience.

Module 6: Your First Pistol

Everything you need to know when shopping for a handgun. Watch this right before your first trip to the gun store to know how to behave at the gun store and what to watch out for.

Discover what pistols are best for you and in which caliber, whether you want to shoot at the range or for self defense.

Plus, find out how to get a feel for them at the gun store so you don’t walk out with buyer’s regret.

Module 7: How to Customize and Maintain your Pistol

Just like a car, a gun needs oil to function. We’ll cover how to tear down and lube up your handgun.

Plus, some important accessories to buy with your pistol depending on your needs, like self-defense.

And how to safely secure your firearm at home so it remains a tool for protecting –and not endangering– your family.

Module 8: Take your Shooting to the Next Level*

With this video series, you’ll learn to become better than a lot of the regulars.

Plenty of regular shooters at the range just do their own thing and learn nothing new, stuck in their old ways of thinking.

With the tips from this video, you can even make some of them jealous.

[Warning introverts: might draw attention to you from other people at the range who see you as an “advanced shooter” and want to ask you for tips.]

*Includes a Pew Pew Tactical Shot Diagnosis Tool that improves your aiming without the need of an instructor.

Module 9: How to Choose an In-Person Instructor

Now you know everything to be a great intermediate shooter.

If you want to level up, in-person training is the only way.

In this video, I give tips on how to find a good quality trainer who is worth the money.

quotation mark

Eric, I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you in this course.

I have done a little shooting in the past with family and friends, but have never owned my own firearms.

I’m definitely looking to change that now and feel much more informed and educated thanks to this course and your website.

Michael Synski
quotation mark

Eric, job well done. I thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated your method of teaching…you assumed nothing. I would recommend this course.

Money well spent.

Michelle Gamblin
quotation mark

Amazing class!!! I learned a great deal and feel much more confident can’t wait to hit the range but I am going to run through the corse one more time first!!!!

If you have business cards I would like a few to set at a few places like at my gun dealer!! And the range when I get there everyone should know about this course!

Jeffrey Moore


While I'm confident this course will level you up, anything can happen. Maybe the material just isn't for you or your partner is mad you spend $67.

Whatever the reason, I won't ask.

Just send me an email telling me you want your $67 back and I'll return it within 7 business days.

So, ready to become a gun slinger, 100% risk-free?

Hope to see you soon!




How is this different from the NRA’s “Basics of Pistol Shooting” Online course?

My course focuses on getting you shooting as fast and as safe as possible.

Meanwhile, the NRA course is tied to a certificate, so it’s a lot more theoretical and thus takes at least 8 hours to complete and study. You can find a full review HERE.

You're not a SEAL...why should I learn from you?

I’m NRA certified if that helps (this course is not endorsed by the NRA). But the main reason is that I don’t suffer from “expert syndrome.” I’m still close enough to a beginner that I remember all the problems (and hesitations) I had while learning about firearms. Plus, I approach my teaching as if I’m your best buddy that loves guns.

Can't I find all this info for free online?

You sure can! If you have the time to watch a bunch of YouTube videos, search through forums, and waste money on useless accessories and gear.

Why does it cost $67?

We’re not for everyone. But if you value your time and want to learn the most important firearm info in the shortest amount of time…we’re your solution. This course took money to make and keeping this website running with all of its free articles and videos costs isn’t free for us. By purchasing this course, you also support our ability to keep this site alive.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long is the course?

About 2 hours. We’ve worked hard to condense all the info out there to truly necessary and actionable bits.

Can I really become an expert shooter after just 2 hours?

An expert, no. But if you retain information well, you can definitely show up to the range with much greater confidence after attentively watching the 2-hour course. You’ll probably shoot better than a lot of regulars. But we recommend refreshing your knowledge on occasion so it stays fresh, which is why we offer Lifetime access.

What else do I get in addition to videos?

For many of the videos we’ve created member-only downloads such as recommended gear and printable targets.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own. Including all updates.

Is there a completion certificate?

Not yet…but maybe in the future.

Do you cover shotguns or rifles?

Not yet, this course is geared towards handguns and revolvers.

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