SIG Issues “Voluntary Upgrade” For P320 After Drop Safety Concerns

negligent discharge is never a good thing, but what’s even worse is a gun that discharges, unintended, even when you do everything right.

SIG SAUER has recently come under fire, pun absolutely intended, after reports surfaced stating that their P320 pistol (the same one that was recently adopted by the US military) might not be entirely drop safe.  This means that the pistol could discharge if it is dropped, or hit in some way.

FDE Sig Sauer P320
FDE Sig Sauer P320

Obviously these reports are worrying as no gun should ever go ‘bang’ without the trigger being pulled, especially not a modern duty gun.

The Dallas Police Department has actually suspended the use of the handgun as a duty weapon until reports of issues are addressed

They issued a statement to local affiliate WMUR saying:

“The departmental Firearms Training Center staff is currently working with Sig Sauer to ensure the safety precautions are addressed.”

Another, perhaps more troubling incident, includes an actual lawsuit.

According to News12 Connecticut Stamford Police Officer Vincent Sheperis is actually suing SIG for six million in damages over an incident that occurred this past January. According to Officer Sheperis, his P320 fell out of his holster and discharged when it hit the ground, and the bullet struck him in the leg.

Now, no disrespect to our men and women in blue, but we’ve heard tales before about police officers having issues with negligent discharges with perfectly serviceable weapons.  Should we take these claims with a grain of salt?

In a word, no.  Our friends over at The Firearm Blog were able to get a P320 to discharge a factory primed round, with the bullet and powder removed for safety, just by smacking the rear of the gun with a mallet a few times.  Take a look for yourself and see if you would feel comfortable carrying a similar weapon locked and loaded.

As you can imagine, the backlash from the firearm community has not been pleasant.  The memes have been coming fast and hot ever since the issues came to light.

sig p320 meme
The internet is not a place for the thin skinned.

Sig had this to say:

“Sig Sauer is committed to our approach on innovation, optimization, and performance, ensuring we produce the finest possible products,” CEO Ron Cohen said in a statement. “Durability, reliability and safety, as well as end-user confidence in the Sig Sauer brand are the priorities for our team.”

In addition, SIG has issued plans for a voluntary upgrade of potentially dangerous P320s.  A plan which we will hear more about on their website on August 14th.  We’ll be sure to update when those details are announced.

According to SIG, the M17 version of the P320 that’s being prepped for the military is unaffected by these issues.

Our Take

Between the lawsuit, and the testing done by The Firearm Blog, I can’t say I’d carry a P320 right now.  I’ve wanted one for a while, and this makes me glad I haven’t picked one up.  For now, I’d say maybe leave this one behind the glass at the gun store until the issues have been ironed out.

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Bill Erwin
Bill Erwin

Picking up my P320 tomorrow!
How can you tell if it is safe or a P320 that is still a danger?


Easy way of seeing if it is one that was updated or not is looking at the trigger, thin trigger means it is updated.

If you’re buying it new then I wouldn’t worry – they stopped production on the P320 while they fixed the issue and then restarted production after it was corrected, so none of their new production ones should have any issue.

You can find more information on Sig Sauer’s Website


damn I just a bought Sig P320 RX on Friday. Wish I would’ve read this article before purchasing.

Jim M.
Jim M.

I own a Sig P320. I LOVE it! To be truthful, though, I was disappointed when I heard the news about the drop discharges. Also, I am less than enthused about being without my EDC while it’s away for upgrades. My “substitute” is a Glock 43, believe it or not! In regards to the Army’s version, the M-17, it is my understanding that it’s a “next gen” version that already has the upgrades Sig is now offering to civilian owners as a remedy to the drop fire issues, making it a “non-issue” for the Army. Do you know if this… Read more »

Eric Hung

Hi Jim, it’s my understanding that the Army’s version will already have the different trigger that prevents the current drop discharges.

Joe L.
Joe L.

From what I have read, since the Army’s version has a thumb safety and a different trigger blade it will be unaffected by the issues affecting the civilian version.