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Triggrcon 2019: Golden Trigger Awards, Range Day, & Show

There was tons of cool stuff at Triggrcon 2019 this year. Live vicariously through us as we go through Range Day and the convention floor.

Triggrcon 2019 is wrapped up!

Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal
Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal

We had a blast judging the Golden Trigger innovation awards.

So let’s start with that before diving into the cool stuff we saw/shot on Range Day and the actual Show day.

Table of Contents


Golden Trigger Innovation Awards 2019

Thanks so much to Triggrcon for entrusting us to find the four most innovative stuff this year.

1. Most Innovative Firearm


LWRC International with their SMG45!


Looks pretty but this little short recoil delayed blowback .45 ACP shot great too!

Look forward to our video review as soon as Johnny gets it in hand.

2. Most Innovative New Optic

Every company now has a red dot and even micro red dot.

Sig Sauer still steps it up with their new Romeo 8 series.

Romeo 8T
Romeo 8T

100K+ constant run time and fully enclosed (for the T variant)…plus 4 (useful) reticles.

A joy to shoot at the range.

3. Most Innovative Firearm Accessory I

We bring you Killer Innovations and their Glock compensator.

Killer Glock Comp
Killer Glock Comp

We were kinda meh about Glock compensators since the 9mm isn’t a high-pressure round.

But comparing a comp-ed Glock to a standard one really changed our minds.

Here’s a regular one…

Compared to the comp-ed one…

And of course a mag dump…

But wait…there’s more.

It’s also super easy to take on and off given its detent system.

Probably costs an arm and a leg right?

Nopes…it’s reasonably priced at around $99 for the comp and $199 for the barrel (which we’ve reviewed).

4. Most Innovative Firearm Accessory II

This one goes to Seismic Ammunition for their ultra-heavy 9mm ammo.

185 gr 9mm in comparison to the standard 115 gr means it is naturally subsonic and still hits super hard.

Seismic 9mm 185gr Ammo
Seismic 9mm 185gr Ammo

Plus it comes with ShellShock cases that are lighter, less abrasive than brass, and self-lubricating.

I personally couldn’t feel the difference in shooting a handgun compared to 115 gr (so it’s not harder recoiling).

But in an MPX it felt like a longer/pushier impulse that I like.

Here’s to super-heavy ammo in other calibers soon!

Triggrcon Range Day

We shot a bunch of fun stuff at the 2019 Triggrcon Range day.

Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal
Suppressed Barrett .50 Cal

So let’s just get to it with some quick videos and small paragraphs.

Alphabetical order…


By far the longest line of any of the booths at this year’s range day was Barrett’s – and for good reason. How often do you get a chance to shoot a suppressed .50? This was my personal first time handling an M107, and surprisingly the recoil isn’t as gnarly as you might think!

While Barrett’s MRAD platform is available chambered in multiple calibers, we got to shoot a suppressed 6.5 Creedmoor variant. Soft shooting and reasonably ergonomic, we were able to drill the ~200 yard steel easily, but it would have been nice to stretch the gun’s legs a bit more.


B&T’s APC300 is a rad little piston driven carbine chambered in .300 Blackout – though the felt recoil is much less than you’d anticipate for the cartridge.

The APC9 PRO K is officially the US Army’s new submachine gun, shown here with a Glock magazine.

For reasons.

The lower receivers are configurable to accept B&T’s own mags, Sig P320 mags, or Glock magazines. The gun’s a bit snappier than I was expecting, but it was still a blast to shoot.

The integrally suppressed APC9 SD was slightly more controllable than the PRO K likely due to its slightly longer barrel length.

An awesome little subgun to be certain, although this particular model sprayed us down with gas as we shot it, and the metal handguard was pretty damn hot from getting passed around a constant stream of eager shooters.

Bear Creek Arsenal

Bear Creek Arsenal’s 16″ .300 Black AR shot well enough, but beyond that it’s another AR-15. Not too much to say here.

Dead Foot Arms

Dead Foot Arms’ FOLD-AR utilizes an innovative locking system that allows you to fold both the barrel and stock to either side of the receiver for storage.

The gun’s also usable with the stock folded, though obviously this isn’t the most stable shooting platform.

Neat truck guns, for sure.

Devil Dog Arms

Devil Dog Arms had several of their 1911 variants out at range day.

I’m not much of a 1911 guy, but the entire focus of these guns is apparently their trigger systems, which DDA touts as not needing to be tuned out of the box.

Here’s a tiny boi 9mm version. Wow!

As you’d expect, they make a .45 variant as well. Wow!

Faxon Firearms

The Faxon ultralight AR-15 weighs in at about 4.9lbs, making it a lightweight and maneuverable carbine that doesn’t kick any more than you’d expect due to the aggressive muzzle brake.

Also in tow was Faxon’s FX-19 striker fired polymer pistols.

Faxon FX-19 Patriot
Faxon FX-19 Patriot

Our full review of them is here.

Foxtrot Mike

Foxtrot Mike had a handful of different SBR PCCs to shoot – including a model chambered in .45, which doesn’t seem super common for pistol caliber ARs.

The guns ran great with the steel-cased Wolf that was fed through them, and they’ve also got an interesting approach towards a side-charging system that resembles the iconic HK style charging handle to boot.

Killer Innovations

Killer Innovations had a variety of Glocks out for range day fitted with their unique muzzle brakes and matching barrels. Here’s one without the brake just for comparison.

Here’s another Glock with the brake system installed.

There’s a pretty noticeable difference in muzzle climb between the two, and we were actually pretty impressed by how flat the gun shot.

Mag dump!

LWRC International

We finally had a chance to get our hands on LWRC’s SMG45 – seen here suppressed.

The gun’s a psuedo clone of the legendary UMP45, and includes a handguard that features LWRC’s unique MLOK-like attachment system.

We’re very pleased that the gun ran so well after a few production delays.

Maxim Defense

Maxim Defense brought out a couple PDWs to play with – one being chambered in .300 Blackout. A lot of punch in a tiny package!



Mirzon’s enhanced P320 grip modules were surprisingly cool!

While I don’t have a ton of trigger time on the stock P320 platform myself, the gun shot and handled very well, and felt like a much more natural fit for my hand than a lot of the other pistols on display this year.

Sig Sauer

We had the chance to shoot a suppressed MCX fitted with Sig’s newest Romeo 8H red dot.

The Romeo 8H has 4 different selectable reticles and boasts approximately 100,000 hours of run time on standard CR123s.

We dig it.


More Glock brakes!

This time from Zev. Here’s the gun sans brake.

And here’s the gun with Zev’s brake installed. Another super flat shooter.

Quarter Circle 10

QC10 makes some pretty high-end PCCs, and while there isn’t too much to say about the nth AR chambered in 9mm of the day, we dug em.


Idaho Ordnance Factory

Shout out to the ammo providers for Barrett, Faxon, Mantis X, Zev, B&T, QC10, P80, Maxim, and Devil Dog.

We didn’t see any ammo related failures…just the normal carbon and gunk build-up from literally non-stop shooting over 6+ hours.

Triggrcon Show

Now onto the regular show!

Random order based on how we walked around.

Stern Defense

You probably know them for their PCC mag adapters…

But now they have some nice drop-in 2-stage PCC triggers as well.

We’ll report back but we like how it’s a 2 lb first stage and adjustable 3 or 4 lb second stage so PCCs correctly work.

Criterion Barrels

We’ve heard great things about Criterion barrels. And at the show they had some very educational cutaways.

There’s the “rifling” that helps stabilize our freedom seeds.

Barrel Rifling, Criterion Barrels
Barrel Rifling, Criterion Barrels

And three different coatings that I’m totally going to get wrong even though they told me three times.

Criterion Barrels, Different Coatings
Criterion Barrels, Different Coatings (T to B: Stainless, Chrome, Nitride)


A nice array of their clear mags…

ETS Clear Mags
ETS Clear Mags

Aero Precision

Aero Precision Different Lengths
Aero Precision Different Lengths

Always fun to check in on Aero Precision…one of my favorite AR-15s.

Full review here of their 16″ mid-length systems.

Dead Foot Arms

Wasteland AK, Dead Foot Arms
Wasteland AK, Dead Foot Arms

“It’s not steampunk because it doesn’t resemble a clock.”

Quarter Circle 10

Mmm…P320 mag PCC.

Quarter Circle 10, P320
Quarter Circle 10, P320

Nighthawk Custom

The Counselor might have given the SMG45 a run for its money but unfortunately they weren’t at Range Day for us to test it out.

Nighthawk Custom, Counselor
Nighthawk Custom, Counselor

Probably the smoothest action I’ve ever had the pleasure of handling.

And I’m already thinking of the internet points we could get for mounting ALL the optics.

Nighthawk Custom, Revolver
Nighthawk Custom, Revolver

ZRO Delta

Another gun we wished was at Range Day…

ZRO Delta Modulus
ZRO Delta Modulus

The Modulus lets you swap between a Glock 19/17/34 size in just a few moments.

Fortis Manufacturing

Some nice AR-15 eye candy…

Fortis Rifle
Fortis Rifle
Another Fortis Rifle
Another Fortis Rifle

Genesis Arms

Need to swap out your AR-10 to a 12 gauge shotgun?

Genesis Arms .308 to 12 Ga
Genesis Arms .308 to 12 Ga

Genesis Arms has got you…with compatability of the cmost common DPMS patterned AR-10 lowers.

JL Billet

JL Billet Buttstock
JL Billet Buttstock

Nice uppers and lowers…but here they are showing off their buttstock.



B&T Pistol Braces
B&T Pistol Braces


We’ve reviewed their night vision before…but now they bring out their thermal scopes.

ATN Thermal
ATN Thermal

JP Rifles

We really like JP’s stuff. Here’s some variable mass BCGs…

JP Variable Mass BCGs
JP Variable Mass BCGs

Possibly the lightest BCG we’ve ever seen (in aluminum).

JP Ultralight BCGs
JP Ultralight BCGs

And a 5″ barrel that is permanently attached to 16″…but with a twist.


We’ve done a couple reviews on their super hi-tech safes.

But here’s their latest edition…a tricked-out rifle safe.

Sig Sauer

Yes…the P365 XL feels great in hand and we can’t wait to shoot it some more.

P365 XL vs Regular
P365 XL vs Regular


Apex of upgraded trigger fame brings us a pair of extended slides. One for the FN 509.

Apex FN509 Extended Slide with ACRO
Apex FN509 Extended Slide with ACRO

And the M&P Shield.

Apex Shield Extended Slide
Apex Shield Extended Slide


Who doesn’t love a bunch of suppressors?

SilencerCo Suppressors
SilencerCo Suppressors

Tactical AR

Pretty immersive shooting simulator?



That’s it for now…until next year!

What was the coolest thing you wish you got to try?

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