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8 Best AK-47 Rifles of 2023: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Not sure what AK-47 to get? We cover the basics, pros/cons vs the AR-15, and our favorite foreign and US-made AK models across all budgets.

    Confused by all the AK variants out there?

    Don’t worry…we were too.

    WASR10, PSAK47, PAP M92
    (Left to Right) WASR-10, PSAK-47, PAP M92

    We will first go over our fav AKs across different budgets and even countries of origin.

    Then get into AK basics so you can see if the AK platform is even for you. Plus, we will cover some common questions, such as milled vs. stamped receivers.

    And in the very end…some models you definitely don’t want to get.

    PSA AK 103 Shooting
    PSA AK-103 in action.

    But first, a sneak peek!

    Summary of Our Top Picks

    1. Editor's Pick

      Zastava ZPAP M70

      This is the best balance between fit, finish, quality, and price.

    2. Best Budget AK

      PSAK-47 GF3

      All forged internals with solid fit and finish for a reasonable price.

    3. Best Domestic AK

      KUSA KR-103

      These are built using the original Russian data packages and are completely forged.

    4. Best Milled AK

      Arsenal SAM Series

      The SAM series have long been regarded as some of the highest quality milled guns money can buy.

    5. Best AKM Pattern

      WBP Jack

      The Jack is an excellent import gun that accepts standard AKM furniture and accessories.

    6. Wildcard Pick

      IWI Galil ACE Gen 2

      This is an AK at heart with a healthy chunk of upgrades.

    Table of Contents


    Best AK-47s

    1. Zastava ZPAP M70

    Zastava has a long history of producing AKs in former Yugoslavia, current-day Serbia.

    But in 2019, they decided to cut out the import middleman and opened a US production plant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

    Zastava M70 ZPAP (Photo: u/kchalupa)

    Not long after, they rolled out the latest version of their longstanding M70 series — the ZPAP.

    The ZPAP M70 features a 1.5mm bulged trunnion receiver for extra strength, and they come standard with chrome-lined barrels, making these guns absolute tanks.

    You can see the difference in the thickness of the receiver and bulged front trunnion on the ZPAP (bottom) versus a standard receiver (top). (Photo: American Rifleman)

    All major components, including the barrel and receiver, are still made in Serbia. The guns are then imported into the US, where the rest of the parts are added to meet 922r compliance.

    What you end up getting is a well-priced AK that is still mostly an “import” gun. For the money, the fit and finish are impressive, and the guns are robust.

    Remember that these are considered “Yugo pattern” guns, meaning that standard AKM furniture won’t fit. But don’t fret; with the rising popularity of Yugo AKs, there is still plenty of aftermarket out there.

    at GrabAGun

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    2. Palmetto State Armory PSAK-47 GF3

    A good play on words…the PSAK-47 is 100% made in the USA.

    PSA is known for its reliable and super affordable AR-15s. They keep costs low by doing everything in-house — from raw materials to finished rifles.


    They applied the same concept to their AKs when they saw foreign build kits drying up.

    Initially, they used some cast parts and had some pretty major hiccups, but all of their current rifles are forged for strength and longevity.

    PSA has an absolute ton of color, stock, and trim options for their AK series, but their GF3 lineup is probably the best value buy for someone looking to get into AKs without breaking the bank.

    Now…the best thing is that the PSAK-47 starts at $599 with their blemished GF3 rifles.

    A PSAK-47 GF3 in OD Green. (Photo: Guns International)

    That’s about $150-250 cheaper than the Romanian WASR 10.

    You can also spring for versions with upgraded Magpul furniture, including the side-folding Zhukov stock. Even these versions can be had for under $800, still making them a great value buy.

    Best Budget AK
    at Palmetto State Armory

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    What’s your take on the US-made PSAKs?

    Readers' Ratings

    4.97/5 (2579)

    Your Rating?

    3. WASR-10

    The famous/infamous WASR-10 is manufactured in Romania by Cugir and imported by Century. It has long held the title of the most readily available foreign AK-47.

    Century Arms WASR-10 glamour
    Century Arms WASR-10

    It’s also the cheapest imported, which has garnered it a reputation for not having the best quality control.

    For my personal WASR…that rings true.

    WASR 10
    My WASR 10

    The magazine well on mine is rattly. Most WASRs come into the US only being able to accept single-stack magazines as part of import compliance. Century then mills out the magazine well to accept standard mags, but in cases like mine, it isn’t always pretty.

    Oh, and my front sight is hilariously canted when zeroed.

    WASR 10 Canted Front Sight
    You can see how canted the front sight is and how far the post needed to be moved.

    But how does it shoot?

    Short answer…reliable.

    Century Arms WASR-10 shoot right

    My personal WASR has had zero malfunctions, and our test gun was near perfect, even with random steel-cased ammo. As mentioned, it may be a bit picky on magazines depending on how well the magwell was milled out.

    I even buried mine in the dirt to test it out.

    Buried AK
    That’s a lot of dirt.

    It worked…however, I would not recommend doing that since, even to this day, I’m still cleaning dust out of the receiver.

    At Battlefield Vegas, they said it has been super reliable, and they have yet to shoot out a WASR barrel.

    Also, AK Operators Union tests out a bunch of AKs, and his current WASR has over 10K rounds and is still going strong.

    Best Starter AK
    at BattleHawk Armory

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    While it might have some external QC issues and a less-than-stellar fit and finish, the WASR remains a reliable and relatively affordable import AK.

    You used to be able to find them around the $450-700 range, but now they range anywhere from $750 to beyond $1000.

    We got our hands on a Century Arms WASR-10 for review, so check out the video below or read the written article here.

    4. KUSA KR-103

    Maybe you are looking for the closest thing to a Russian AK you can get without paying outrageous prices for a used one.

    Enter, Kalashnikov USA (KUSA) and the KR-103.

    KUSA KR-103 (Photo: u/Eogos)

    KUSA is an American-based AK manufacturer, but they have the secret sauce — the actual technical data packages for the AKM from Russia’s own Kalashnikov Concern.

    With this information in hand, KUSA is producing high-quality AKM pattern rifles here in the US using all forged trunnions and carriers and chrome-lined barrels.

    Made to the exact Russian specifications, the KR-103 is a great buy, with most base-model rifles typically coming in around $1100-1300.

    Best Domestic AK
    at GrabAGun

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    5. Arsenal SAM Series

    What about those milled guns we talked about earlier?

    For that, you will want to check out the Arsenal SAM series.

    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47
    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47

    Arsenal of Bulgaria is regarded as one of the premier AK manufacturers in the world, and the SAM series represents their top-shelf offerings.

    The SAM series uses a milled and forged receiver, a forged bolt and trunnion, and cold hammer-forged chrome-lined barrels.

    Plus, some versions have a super nifty left-mounted fire and safe lever.

    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47, Safe & Fire
    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47, Safe & Fire

    Fit and finish on these is outstanding, and these are some of the nicest production AKs you can buy today. However, all that comes at a hefty cost of around $1800-2000, depending on the specific trim.

    Our favorite is the foldy-boi SAM7SF but you really can’t go wrong with any of the series.

    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47, Folded
    Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47, Folded
    Best Milled AK
    at GrabAGun

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    6. WBP Jack

    Maybe you wanted a standard stamped AKM pattern AK that isn’t made in the US, but you want something a step up from the WASR.

    That is where the WBP Jack comes in.

    WBP Jack in 7.62x39mm (Photo: TFBTV)

    Made in Radom, Poland, the WBP guns have gained popularity in recent years for their high build quality.

    The Jack is no exception, featuring Polish-made hammer-forged trunnion and bolts and cold-hammer-forged barrels that are chrome-lined.

    These are exceptional firearms and are worth a look if you want a step up in quality while still having a true imported stamped AK.

    Best AKM Pattern
    at Atlantic Firearms

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    7. Palmetto State Armory AK-103

    PSA makes our list again, this time for its AK-103 platform.

    Though the AK-103 occupies space in the AK-100 series, it adopts more modern features commonly seen in the AK-74M.

    PSA AK 103 Right Side
    PSA AK-103

    The base model sports a 4150 nitride barrel, an AK-74 style gas 90-degree gas block, an AK-74 front-sight, and the iconic AK-74 muzzle brake.

    Why all the buzz about something like a muzzle brake? It really helps mitigate some of that 7.62x39mm recoil.

    PSA AK 103 Muzzle Brake
    PSA AK-103 Muzzle Brake

    In addition to some nice features, the AK-103 is pretty affordable and comes in either a fixed stock or folding stock option. A premium version with an FN cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel is also available.

    We did a full review that you can read up on here.

    Or, if you prefer to kick back and watch, check out the video review below.

    This is an excellent middle-ground if you want to step up a little past the base PSAK GF3 but don’t want to quite shell out the cash for something like a KR-103.

    at Palmetto State Armory

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    8. IWI Galil ACE Gen 2

    I know, I know, some of you are ready to come after me here.

    Yes, the Galil ACE Gen 2 from IWI is not technically “a real Galil or a real AK,”… but it’s pretty similar.

    Galil ACE Gen 2
    Galil ACE Gen 2

    The Galil ACE gives you the same mechanics as the original Galil ARM but in a lighter platform with a polymer lower receiver.

    For those that don’t know, the Galil was based on the AK-47/Valmet, using the same type of long-stroke piston, dust cover, and rock-n-lock magazines.

    With the ACE, you get a milled gun that is available in 7.62x39mm. IWI also offers the gun in other calibers.

    Galil ACE Gen 2 Shooting

    The Galil ACE Gen 2 brings a nice look and feel and works great at the range.

    It accepts standard AK magazines, has a left-side charging handle, and comes standard with a folding buffer tube that can accommodate any AR-15 stock.

    Johnny took it for a spin and really liked it. You can read his full review here or watch the video below.

    These guns are all milled, forged, and heavy-duty. Everything about these is robust, and the accuracy is typically better than your standard AKM. Many consider the Galil ACE to be the ultimate refinement of the AK platform.

    Wildcard Pick
    at Kygunco

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Prices accurate at time of writing

    Available Coupons

    Brief AK-47 History

    The AK-47 stands for “Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947” and was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was the main assault rifle of Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War.

    There are tons of variants, but the one we think of most when we hear “AK-47” is the AKM.

    AKM, Wikipedia
    AKM (Photo: Wikipedia)

    And there are a lot of AKs…in a 2004 report, it was estimated that 100 million out of 500 million guns worldwide belonged to the Kalashnikov family of rifles.

    Why Are AKs Awesome

    Kalashnikov built the AK off the principles of it being easy to mass-produce, easy to maintain, and easy to operate.

    It’s so easy…kids can use it.

    Iranian Child Soldier, Wikipedia
    Iranian Child Soldier (Photo: Wikipedia)

    Compared to the AR-15, the AK-47 is much easier to train users.

    And, of course, there’s its reputation for superb reliability.

    The AK achieves this due to its simplicity and use of looser tolerances.

    Field Stripped AK-47
    Field Stripped AK-47

    Simplicity comes from the use of a long-stroke piston design that uses the gas from the round to move a piston and bolt carrier.

    The gas doesn’t directly contact a lot of things, which keeps things running cleaner.

    AK Piston, Matt Rittman
    AK Piston, Matt Rittman

    Everything is also large-and-in-charge so there’s less possibility of small parts breaking.

    AK Bolt, Piston, Recoil Spring
    AK Bolt, Piston, Recoil Spring

    Some things, like the chamber, have to have tight tolerances to ensure proper headspace, a lot of parts don’t, like the bolt carrier and trigger mechanism. Check out all that space in there!

    AK-47 Receiver
    AK-47 Receiver

    It can take lots of environmental debris before something stops working.

    Next up is the ammo. The AK is natively chambered in 7.62x39mm, which packs a bigger wallop with a larger diameter bullet (.30 caliber) compared to the AR-15’s 5.56x45mm cartridge (.22 caliber).

    5.56 vs 7.62x39mm
    5.56x45mm vs 7.62x39mm

    Check out our picks for the best AK ammo and AR-15 ammo.

    Lastly…though it doesn’t have as much upgrade capability as an AR-15, there is still a lot you can do to make an AK your own.

    AK-47 with UltimAK
    AK-47 with an UltimAK mount and an Aimpoint red dot.

    Do AKs Suck?

    Common arguments are that the AK has inferior ergonomics compared to more modern rifles, such as the AR-15, increased recoil, and terrible accuracy.

    Regarding ergonomics…there is some truth. Some things, such as the safety and magazine release, are harder to manipulate.

    WASR-10 Parts Diagram
    WASR-10 Parts Diagram

    But since the charging handle is on the right side, most people can use their dominant hand to rack it more easily compared to the AR’s charging handle.

    AK-47 Without Dust Cover
    AK-47 Without Dust Cover

    And because the round is larger…there definitely is increased recoil, but not so much that it is objectionable or makes the gun difficult to use effectively.

    Lastly, you will hear people say the AK is inaccurate. When compared to the AR, this may seem true, but that is more due to the inherent accuracy of the AR than the inherent inaccuracy of the AK.

    Stormtroopers Missing

    Because of the looser tolerances and piston system… AKs usually are suitable for “minute of man” at 300 yards…meaning you’ll hit a human-sized target if you do your part.

    However, some AKs with good (not surplus) ammo, a decent trigger, and a good shooter are capable of 2-3 inch groups at 100 yards.

    Milled vs. Stamped Receiver

    These terms will come up as soon as you start digging into the world of AKs.

    It explains how the main receiver (the metal piece that holds everything) was created.

    AK Stamped vs Milled, AK Operators Union
    AK stamped vs. milled receiver. (Photo: AK Operators Union)

    The original AK-47s were milled. These start as a solid piece of steel, and metal is then removed (milled out) to create the receiver “shell.” 

    You can most easily tell these apart since they are much heavier and don’t have rivets.

    Milled AK Receiver, Ultimak
    Milled AK receiver. (Photo: Ultimak)

    This process was later simplified with the AKM, which utilized a stamped receiver. These receivers use a 1 to 1.5mm thick piece of steel that is bent into the shape. 

    Rivets (see the bumps) are then used to add the other necessary parts.

    Stamped AK Receiver, Ultimak
    Stamped AK receiver. (Photo: Ultimak)

    Stamped guns are much easier to produce and save a bunch of weight (1-2 pounds).

    So what’s the best?

    Well, there is no correct answer here.

    Battlefield Vegas, which rents out TONS of guns, did a Q&A session that said stamped receivers start to fail at the 100K round count while milled receivers have yet to fail.

    Keep in mind, 100,000 rounds is an absurd amount, and chances are you won’t even approach 1/10th of that round count. Milled is technically more durable, but it only matters if you rent guns out.

    A Lot of Ejected Brass, Battlefield Vegas
    That’s a lot of brass (Photo: Battlefield Las Vegas)

    On the flip side, stamped guns are lighter (and usually cheaper), so it is really down to personal preference here.

    Country of Origin

    For a long time, AKs made their into the US from former Eastern Bloc countries in the form of build kits. But thanks to the last two presidents, one of the primary sources, Russia, has dried up.

    Russian guns will be from factories such as Molot with their VEPR and Izhmash with Saigas. If you can still find them, they fetch a much higher price.

    Molot VEPR
    Molot VEPR

    Do Not Buy List

    Century Arms C39V2

    For a while, this was one of the highest recommended AKs fully made in the USA, but it has come to light that there are significant design defects in the rifle that now place it firmly on the “don’t buy” list.

    If you want to hear the long version, I highly recommend this Military Arms Channel video that was made in collaboration with Rob Ski from Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74.

    The short written version: after about 3,000 rounds, the rifle has a high possibility of becoming unsafe to fire. This happened with both of their C39V2 AKs right around the same round count. Much of this is due to the use of cast trunnions instead of forged ones.

    If you already have a C39V2, you should inspect it closely (or have a gunsmith inspect it) to see if your rifle shares the flaw.

    Pioneer Arms AKs

    While the prospect of a sub $600 AK may sound pleasing, they usually come with some caveats.

    In the case of Pioneer Arms AKs, that caveat is the same as the C39V2 mentioned above.

    Pioneer Arms AK-47

    These were made primarily using cast trunnions up until very recently. They are supposedly forging their trunnions now, but the jury is still out on them, and expectations are low.

    Don’t be fooled by the place of manufacture, either. These “Radom” AKs are technically made in Radom, Poland, but they have no association with the highly regarded and historied FB Radom factory.

    For safety reasons, it is best to avoid these guns.

    Final Thoughts

    We’re at the end…and hopefully, you will have a slightly better understanding of AKs and which one suits you best.

    JMAC Custom AK-47 Mags

    Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below! Already got an AK? Check out our Best AK-47 Upgrades to fully accessorize your gun. Also, be sure to check out our article on the 7 Best AK Pistols!

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      michael dimie omajuwa

      I sincerely wish to purchase some pistol hand gun and AK -47 RIFFLES OF 2023 AS ADVERTISED IN YOUR COMPANY WEBSITE.
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      September 18, 2023 11:02 am
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      Galil absolutely has a reciprocating charging handle I don’t know what you are talking about ???

      September 17, 2023 8:29 am
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      Ethan Emrris


      I would like for you to explain to me how to make the closest clone to an AK-12 2020 or at least the AK-47 that looks the most like the AK-12 with the same reliability, something like an AK TR3. Thank you.

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      Should all the Century Arms AKs be avoided, or just the model CV39V2? I'm considering a used Century Arms RAS47.

      September 1, 2023 2:07 pm
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        Wyatt Sloan

        The RAS is considered a tier below even the C39V2. They don't produce them anymore, and they had a very dubious reputation when they were around. I would avoid the RAS47 entirely.

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      Richard Dean

      So the milled C39V2 uses a cast trunion?

      July 21, 2023 4:32 pm
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      Perry Joseph

      I just bought a Jack because I thought it looked cool. I'm glad to see it is a good choice. Maybe I should have researched it first? But it is an ugly greenish brown color that just fit perfectly. I already think AKs look awkward and ugly, which is why I like them, and that mud color is just the icing.

      June 24, 2023 12:34 am
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      Pretty nicely done. I missed the discussion about ease of cleaning. I have well over 5K rounds through an Arsenal SAM7SF-84, which was bore-cleaned upon arrival, then again a couple of years later. Dirty, yes. Malfunctions: ZERO. I love an M4/AR, but when my life depends on it, I'll always choose the Arsenal. Why? No-Brainer ease of operation, perfectly acceptable battlefield accuracy (it's not intended to be a benchrest rifle), easy to shoot (my 8 year old loves it), ease of cleaning, with simplicity and reliability at the heart of it all. Excessive cleaning is overrated, and this firearm proves it. I'll be able to pass this down to him, and likely he, to his offspring.

      May 25, 2023 10:59 am
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        Wyatt Sloan

        JD, you have a nice rifle there in that SAM. Those things are absolute tanks!

        May 26, 2023 12:17 pm
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      VEPR, SAIGA, ? Great Comprehensive Article ! Thanks !

      May 24, 2023 10:57 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Wyatt Sloan

        Dave, we gave a little shoutout to both the both the VEPR and the Saiga, it's just a shame they aren't being imported anymore. Thanks for checking the article out!

        May 26, 2023 12:16 pm
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      Arsenal SLR-101S... awesome AK. Just remember to be careful with cleaning solvents. The "bluing" will come off. I use lanolin based products, no distillates. My WASR is no slouch. I got lucky. Seems to be just about perfect. Paid $350.00 for each. That is money in the bank.

      May 24, 2023 9:25 am
      • Commenter Avatar
        Wyatt Sloan

        Bill, you are absolutely right about the finish on the SLRs, especially the newer one. They are great rifles; the only reason they didn't make the list is because at the moment, it looks like Arsenal is only importing the SAM series. Not sure if the SLRs are on hold or what. Awesome pickups on the WASRs though. Boy do I miss the days of $350 WASRS and $550 PSLs.

        May 24, 2023 12:22 pm
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      Meridian defense didn't make the list??? You might wanna review the meridian defense volk and update your list

      May 24, 2023 1:44 am
      • Commenter Avatar
        Wyatt Sloan

        Meridian, like Rifle Dynamics, makes some ultra-nice stuff, but with a price to match. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get our hands on one yet. I'd love to get a hold of a UCR-74S at some point and give it a good burn down.

        May 24, 2023 12:23 pm
    • Commenter Avatar

      I still have an Arsenal SLR-95 that was made in 1995. They put a thumb hole grip on it to get past the 95 ban. I have put a lot of rounds thru it with no problems and it is very accurate. I did have to modify older steel mags to make them fit the milled receiver.

      May 23, 2023 8:50 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Chuck Cochran

      Not a fan of the AK. To get a really decent one, you end up spending more than you would for a mid tier AR. I'm sorry, but I have this inbuilt aversion, being a Cold War Child to anything the Communists had a hand in, and so I'll pass and stick with my Made in the USA ARs.
      I will however, forward this review to some buddies that lean towards the platform. All in the Iinterests of fairness.

      May 23, 2023 8:09 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Wyatt Sloan

        Chuck, the market does indeed shift in strange ways. 15 years ago a WASR was half the price of a reasonable AR-15, now its double the price of an entry level one. It is definitely a buyers market for AR-15 fans right now!

        May 24, 2023 12:28 pm
    • Commenter Avatar

      No Beryl? That’s the best AK on the market.

      May 23, 2023 7:09 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Wyatt Sloan

        The Beryl is definitely an awesome piece from FB Radom. To keep the list a reasonable length, I picked the Jack just because the rear trunnion is standard and easy to get furniture for. It is hard to go wrong with any gun from FB though!

        May 24, 2023 12:18 pm
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      It’s so easy…chimps can use it.
      There, I fixed it.
      Proof: You Tube AK-47 chimp (can't hyperlink)

      May 22, 2023 2:03 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Earl Serrato

      I'm amazed the Riley Defense AKs weren't reviewed, or even honorably mentioned. I have the Tactical &Rosewood laminate versions, and both are excellent shooters! Riley AKs have several design enhancements that make it a superior US made AK in every way: 1.5mm thick receiver, oversized forged trunnions and a barrel that's actually concentric to the trunnion & receiver. The manual bolt hold open safety notch & 2nd rear release perch are nice features you won't find on a Zastava or Kalashnikov. Both of those AKs are nice as well, but the Z requires Yugo pattern accessories, and I won't give my $ to a Russian origin/named company.

      April 5, 2023 8:17 am
      • Commenter Avatar

        You have to be joking, it's time to take a class in AK'S 101,, If you had ever held a Polytech in your hands, you would know the difference between one of the best and the junk you praise ,, 99% of American & Romanian, AK are junk !!!,, I hope this helps.

        April 11, 2023 10:52 am
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      Denny Webb

      As Abraham Lincoln said… “don’t believe everything you read on the internet “

      March 19, 2023 6:31 pm
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      Brett Lybarger

      Where's Zastava? Rifles and pistols. I realize you had the M92 pictured, but I will say that my M85 is the nicest AK I own. My WASR10 has been 100% so far, love it too.

      January 24, 2023 2:40 pm
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      Hakkonen Hakaan

      I'm surprised you don't even mention Kalashnikov USA. Where do their products fall on the Century-to-Arsenal spectrum?

      December 22, 2022 4:56 pm
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      Desmond J O'Neill

      I wouldn't trade with PSA if they had the last toilet roll on Earth. Sold me a Carcano with a (is a 3/4 sight-picture along the bore bad?) bent barrel, and called it 'fully serviceable'. Then lied, and then lied again! But I screamed loud enough and got my hard-earned cash back.

      October 31, 2022 2:54 am
      • Commenter Avatar

        Another Do Not Buy AK is IO, Inc. I know from experience that it's junk.

        March 27, 2023 4:56 pm
      • Commenter Avatar

        I have a PSA AR and it works very well. It's also very accurate.

        March 27, 2023 4:57 pm
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      Maybe I'm crazy but it seems obvious pewpew is in bed with psa.

      September 24, 2022 12:06 am
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        Can't begin to tell you how many good experiences me h my friends have had with PSA. We all keep buying from them - online & in person. Never had a bad experience once.

        April 2, 2023 8:16 pm
    • Commenter Avatar
      Jack Smith

      Holy cow I'm glad I bought my Norinco MAK 90 back in 1999. I got it from a gun show for I think around 400. I think I was getting a low quality version since it was made in China. I didn't have a clue back then.

      August 19, 2022 6:21 am
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        Yeah....got mine in 89'....still have it and totally love it...

        October 9, 2022 4:14 pm
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      lol, PSA?!

      Go back to reddit, Eric.

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      I find it hilarious you exclude ZPAPs and Zastava in general. They are less expensive than Arsenals (overpriced anyway) and are top notch.

      May 8, 2022 8:24 am
    • Commenter Avatar

      Most of your top picks are always PSA or AERO when there are always better picks. Especially for AK's. Do you guys get paid by either company to market for them?

      May 1, 2022 11:27 am
      • Commenter Avatar
        Jacki Billings, Editor

        No, we do not get paid to include either company in this article. The models listed are what our team prefers. We can't include everything so we have to limit what makes it into the list. That said, we're constantly updating and adding/removing models from our lists.

        May 2, 2022 4:41 am
        • Commenter Avatar

          Your team prefers hot garbage then, congrats.

          May 26, 2022 10:55 am
    • Commenter Avatar

      I remember going hunting with my dad and we stopped at a Dunhams sporting goods that had WASR 10s for 189.99 I turned 18 that week and picked one up, it was the first gun I purchased for myself. Came with bayonet and 2 steel 30 round mags that rattle around. My grandpa was the son of two Romanian immigrants so it’s always had a special place in my heart. Still have it and will never sell it. Even then I remember thinking “I can’t believe these things are only 200$” the only failure I’ve had in it was from brass cased higher end ammo. It’s eaten thousands of rounds of surplus, wolf, Tula, and red army standard without issue.

      April 2, 2022 8:35 am
    • Commenter Avatar
      Paul F

      Zastava ZPAP M70 not only the list, Eric needs to go back to airsoft, or paintball or whatever the fuck he was doing before writing for pew pew.

      March 8, 2022 4:21 pm
      • Commenter Avatar
        Slim Shady

        I wonder how much they got paid for PSA to be on this list XD.

        May 26, 2022 10:53 am
        • Commenter Avatar
          Jacki Billings, Editor

          We don't get paid by any company to include any model of gun on our lists.

          May 26, 2022 11:12 am